Design-Build Construction

design build construction

Design-build project completed by Souder Brothers Construction in Doylestown, PA

When you picture your construction project, what do you imagine?

Do you picture yourself swamped by paperwork and overwhelmed by phone calls while trying to keep track of where things stand with your builder, designer, engineer, and architect?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The construction method known as “design-build” streamlines the process by giving you a single point of contact with the necessary expertise throughout the design and construction phases of your project.

What is design-build construction?

With design-build, owners have just one point of contact throughout all phases of the project. This contact has full responsibility for every feature of the build and manages contracts with architects, designers, specialty contractors, materials vendors, and equipment suppliers.

This type of project varies from the traditional approach to construction where an owner will hire a design/engineering team separately from the contractor. Design-build alters the conventional sequence of work and offers a host of benefits to the client.

Why choose a design-build contractor?

Taking the design-build route has several benefits:

  • There’s just one source of responsibility – That means you’ll only have to deal with one point of contact, who will in turn work with all other necessary partners like architects and designers.
  • It saves time and money – When you hire a design-build contractor, some parts of the project can get underway before the plans are complete. Materials can be ordered ahead of time, which helps shrink the project timeline.
  • It improves quality – When the contractor oversees the entire process, they can work closely with the designer and architect to achieve a functional, high-quality design that works on paper and in practice.
  • It enhances communication – A design-build contractor will be in constant contact with you, the designers, and the architect, allowing for a continuous flow of communication. This helps prevent important information from being lost and will foster collaborations that add value to every phase of the project.

How design-build saves money:

Because of its efficient, streamlined nature, design-build construction typically cuts costs for owners. Design-build projects are delivered much quicker, on or under-budget, and with fewer change orders that can often disrupt construction and add to the project cost.

If the design-build concept seems right for you, contact Souder Brothers Construction. Whether it’s a renovation to an existing building or you’re starting from the ground up, we can answer your questions about design-build and help map out the best path for your project.

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