YS Suite

Skippack, PA

Project Type: Interior renovation
Services: Preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing
Year: 2021

Located on Bridge Road in Skippack, PA, YS Suite is a relatively new concept in the beauty industry. It provides fully furnished salon suites for stylists to lease, helping them own and operate a salon without investing any capital. Having worked with YS Suite on a previous commercial renovation project to create salon suites on the lower level of a two-story building, we were pleased to be selected to help the building’s owner expand her operation. This time, we would renovate the second floor of the building, converting it from office space to modern salon suites for area stylists.

Hair Salon Suite Fit Out

Featuring functional yet sleek fixtures and a soothing neutral color palette, the stylish new salon suite provides all modern amenities to be enjoyed by both the stylist and the client.

Project Scope

With a previously designed floorplan for reference, we worked with the owner of YS Suite and our architect partners to change the layout of the second-floor salon suites to meet her current needs and preferences. The overarching goal for this project was to create a high-end vibe with modern amenities and trendy aesthetics that would attract stylists who want to rent a suite to operate their salon business.

This 1,200 square foot project included:

  • Four salon suites, some with two chairs and others with a single chair
  • Shared bathroom for stylists and their clients
  • Waiting hall for stylist clients
  • Break room

Just like the project we completed on the first floor, our role included preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing – a convenient all-in-one solution.


During this commercial renovation project, our primary challenge was ensuring that the design was high-end and beautiful while also functional, durable, and affordable. The elements had to incorporate the latest design trends that stylists and their clients would find attractive without using high-maintenance materials that couldn’t hold up to heavy use in the years to come.

Our mission was to find beautiful hardwood-looking flooring designed for high-traffic areas yet easy to sweep for keeping hair droppings at bay. We also needed to source sleek countertops that would resist stains from hair dye spills or drips. Lastly, certain elements required custom orders, such as frameless glass doors with stainless accents and a coordinating stair railing and glass, so we were challenged to source and ensure delivery of these specialized items as affordably as possible.


Once the layouts, designs, and permits were approved, we began the demolition process, fully gutting the second-floor office space for the new salon suites. We coordinated every aspect of this project, including architecture, permitting, demolition, drywall, painting, cabinetry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and finishes.

The following are a few of the notable materials we used to deliver the aesthetic and function our customer requested:

Luxury vinyl plank flooring – This durable flooring looks just like hardwood flooring but costs a fraction of the price. The vinyl material is strong enough to resist scratches, dents, and stains and provides an easily cleanable surface for keeping the salon suites swept and tidy.

Solid surface countertops – The white solid surface countertops were precisely what our customer envisioned when we began the project. They provide a clean, modern, and sleek look for the high-end appeal but are also easy to wipe free of hair dye or spills.

Custom glass doors and stair railing components – The thick glass doors the YS Suite owner chose for the new space are frameless and feature stainless steel accents. They provide just the contemporary and luxurious look she had in mind. The coordinating stair railing and glass continue the modern look throughout the space.

Affordable cabinetry – To compensate for the expenses on the custom glass elements, we selected cost-effective cabinets that provide stylists with ample space to store their salon equipment and materials.

On-trend tile – Our team installed sleek ceramic tiles on the wall and floor of the bathroom, glass backsplashes in the salon suites, and a show-stopping glass tile accent wall at the top of the stairs, setting the tone for the rest of the space.

Modern lighting – We outfitted the salon suites with plenty of recessed LED lighting for brightness. Then, we installed modern decorative fixtures to provide a designer-inspired layered lighting look that would appeal to high-end stylists and clients.


We made the experience easy for our customer, providing a full-service solution without her having to manage multiple contractors. Having avoided any project delays, we were able to stick to the two-month completion timeline, allowing the owner to rent the suites immediately. With our ability to skillfully blend beauty with function, the second floor of this Bridge Road complex now matches the style and character of the first floor, providing a cohesive feel that appeals to stylists and clients.