Manor College Veterinary Technology Facilities

Jenkintown, PA

Project Type: Interior commercial renovation
Services: Preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing
Year: 2021

The veterinary technology (vet tech) program at Manor College is an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited school offering hands-on training working with small, large, and laboratory animals. The goal of this donor-funded project centered on creating state-of-the-art vet tech facilities to help the college enhance instruction and individual student attention. The revamped spaces are where students learn essential vet tech skills, such as radiology, surgical assisting, anesthesiology, laboratory animal science, and large and small animal clinical procedures. This project follows our completion of several other Manor college interior renovations, including a dormitory, bathroom, and dining hall.

Updated Lab and Surgical Suite

The new veterinary technology facilities layout provides easier access between the lab and the operating room.  Upgrades include energy-efficient LED lighting and easy-to-clean epoxy floors.


Project Scope

We started the Manor College vet tech project by creating detailed renderings of the new spaces to make acquiring the funding easier, helping to push the renovation project forward. After sharing our renderings with specific donors, they received multiple pledges, helping them advance from 15% to 100% funded.

With the project funding secured, we were ready to proceed with transforming three outdated vet tech facilities:

  1. Laboratory/classroom
  2. Operating room
  3. Radiology room

Our services included preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing.


The original vet tech facilities were outdated and had a cumbersome layout, forcing students and faculty to travel across the hall from the lab to use the operating room. One of the challenges was to revamp the floorplan to allow for a more cohesive feel.

We were also working over the summer under a tight deadline to ensure project completion before the new semester began while still allowing ample time for faculty to move into the new space. Everything but the cabinetry was slotted to be completed in time, forcing us to devise a solution to meet the deadline with time to spare.


With the time clock ticking, we leveraged the sound relationships with our cabinetmakers and shifted our installers’ schedules to ensure that the cabinets would be completed in time. We also devised and completed a renovation plan that included:

A cohesive layout – To eliminate the cumbersome layout, we designed the floorplans so that the operating room is adjacent to the lab, improving access and flow between the two spaces.

LED lighting – New LED lights offer ample lighting in all three vet tech spaces while also providing an energy- and money-saving benefit for the college.

Electrical upgrades – We strategically moved electrical wiring and receptacles to ensure proper equipment access and circuit functioning in the operating and radiology rooms.

Leaded doors – Specialty lead-lined doors and frames in the radiology room provide ample radiation shielding for safety.

Operating room viewing windows – Two large interior windows in the operating room allow students and instructors to view surgical procedures from the adjacent lab.

Epoxy floors – The vet tech program frequently incorporates live animals into the curriculum, so we installed sleek epoxy flooring throughout the vet tech spaces for easy cleaning.

Other enhancements – We supplied all new millwork cabinets and countertops, sinks, tile backsplash, and other finishes in a blue, gray, and white coordinating color scheme to align with the school’s colors.


Today, the vet tech program at Manor College is fully functioning, with students now able to learn in a state-of-the-art lab, operating room, and radiology room. As a full-service interior renovation company, we provided a convenient solution for our client, eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors. Our expertly designed and executed vet tech spaces now help to enhance program recruitment efforts and generate excitement among current students.