Manor College Library Bathrooms

Jenkintown, PA

Project Type: Interior commercial renovation
Services: Preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing
Year: 2021

The women’s and men’s staff bathrooms in the library at Manor College were outdated and unwelcoming before the winter of 2021. They lacked the clean and modern appeal that had taken shape all around campus, from the dorm and dining hall to the vet tech and dental hygiene learning facilities. So, while most of the staff and faculty were working remotely due to the pandemic, administrators decided it was time to liven up these spaces, hoping to create a haven for them to return to after the school reopened its doors.

Stylish Tile

We were charged with turning the staff bathrooms from utilitarian spaces into more welcoming environments.  The chic design of the tiled walls is inspired by a movie still provided by the client.

Project Scope

Our job was to reimagine drab and tired women’s and men’s bathrooms to help them feel fresh and spacious. We started by creating floorplans and 3D renderings that maximized the space to comfortably fit two stalls in the women’s room and a urinal and stall in the men’s room. The college also wanted to create a cozy seating area in each bathroom, providing a well-deserved respite space for staff and faculty.

Our services at Manor College’s library staff bathrooms included preconstruction estimating, floorplans, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing.


The primary challenge with this project was to fit all the elements Manor College wanted into two tight spaces. We had to get creative to ensure that both bathrooms would have ample clearance while incorporating all the design and functional requirements.


We incorporated the following upgrades into the library staff bathrooms project at Manor College:

  • Modern wall tile feature – Using inspiration from a client-provided movie scene photo featuring a vibrant wall tile design, we designed a dark blue, gray, and white pattern using 4” x 4” square ceramic tiles to give the spaces some extra zip.
  • Space-enhancing design – To allow us to incorporate two stalls in the women’s bathroom, we conserved space by installing the doors so that they swing out instead of in, helping each stall feel roomier.
  • Hands-free fixtures – We installed several hands-free fixtures to enhance cleanliness and conserve resources, including toilets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers.
  • Calming seating area – We borrowed space from an adjacent underutilized storage area to create a peaceful seating area in both bathrooms to invite staff to take a breather when needed.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces – The floor-to-ceiling tile makes it easy to keep the women’s and men’s bathrooms clean, promoting a pleasant and hygienic environment.
  • Appealing upgrades – From mirrors and sinks to bright lighting and a partition, we incorporated several appealing upgrades to help breathe new life into the two spaces.


By drawing inspiration from a movie scene photograph, we met our client’s vision for the revitalized women’s and men’s bathrooms at the Manor College library. We helped maximize the space by converting unused square footage into the design, helping us deliver the spacious and welcoming facilities our client requested. By functioning as a single point of contact, Manor College didn’t have to juggle multiple vendors to complete this commercial renovation project dedicated to showing its staff how much they’re appreciated. We were a convenient one-stop solution they could trust to complete the job right.