Manor College Dental Health Center

Jenkintown, PA

Project Type: Interior commercial renovation
Services: Preconstruction estimating, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing
Year: 2021

Accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation and ranked among the top five best programs in Pennsylvania, the Dental Hygiene Program at Manor College prepares students to become licensed dental hygienists. With a focus on teaching critical thinking and applied technical skills, the Manor College Dental Hygiene Program needed state-of-the-art upgrades to its health center facilities to remain competitive in providing a wide breadth of personal and professional development opportunities for its students.

Renovated Dental Health Center

The renovation transformed the center's color palette from bland neutrals into professional and stylish blues, blacks, and whites.

Project Scope

When we met with Manor College, they wanted to keep the existing layout in the Dental Health Center, citing its relative usefulness for conducting lectures, working with composite teeth, and teaching other essential dental hygiene skills. So, we worked with the same footprint, designing a commercial remodel project focused on upgrading to modern equipment and sleek finishes so that dental hygiene students can learn in a state-of-the-art facility.

Our services at Manor College’s Dental Health Center included preconstruction estimating, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing.


While this project was straightforward, we did have a time constraint requiring us to complete the project over the summer break before students returned to class for the fall semester. This time frame required us to work quickly over the summer months to allow enough time for faculty to move in and prepare the space before the first day of class.


We incorporated many updated finishes and smart solutions to give the Dental Health Center at Manor College fresh appeal, including:

  • Sleek LED lighting – This energy-efficient solution provides ample lighting for students and instructors to work while helping the college save on utility costs by reducing the program’s energy consumption.
  • New ceiling tiles – The Dental Health Center is located below a Manor College dorm, so replacing the ceiling tiles not only helped enhance the aesthetics and energy efficiency but also the acoustics.
  • Updated cabinetry & countertops – Bright white cabinets and modern black speckled countertops lend a modern look while also creating cohesiveness and uniformity that blends with the college’s other renovated spaces, including the vet tech facilities, dormitory, and dining hall.
  • Cabinet design modifications – Dental equipment plug-ins used to be inside the cabinets, preventing the doors from closing when using equipment, so we removed the workstation cabinet doors to remedy this issue.
  • Plumbing upgrades – New waterlines and sinks are among the modernized plumbing upgrades we included in this project.
  • Vinyl plank flooring – This aesthetically appealing and easy-to-clean flooring option is ideal for commercial environments like the Dental Health Center at Manor College because it can withstand heavy traffic, spills, and other types of wear-and-tear.
  • ADA workstation – The Dental Health Center did not have an ADA workstation, so we installed one that included a lower counter height, allowing the program to accommodate a more diverse student population.


Using the existing layout of the Dental Health Center helped Manor Health save costs while still allowing its dental hygiene students and facility to enjoy the modern conveniences and aesthetics of a freshly renovated space. We completed the upgrades on time, and now they’re helping to enhance the program’s quality, interest among prospective students, and overall enrollment. Our all-in-one commercial renovation services delivered a concept-to-completion solution that prevented Manor College from managing multiple vendor contractors. We were a convenient one-stop partner providing all the commercial remodeling expertise they needed under one roof.