Commercial Bathroom Renovation Project

Collegeville, PA

Location: Collegeville, PA
Project type: Interior commercial renovation
Services: Pre-construction estimating, floor plans and 3-D rendering, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing
Year: 2021

A large industrial facility in Collegeville, PA employs hundreds of people throughout its various locations. After finding our commercial renovation company online, this facility approached us initially to develop floor plans for converting their dark and dated employee bathroom facilities into a more appealing space where staff would feel comfortable. Its goal of investing in this employee space, in part, was to help boost morale and satisfaction at work. Over time, the industrial facility decided to expand the scope of the project beyond space planning and floor plans to a complete interior commercial renovation. 

Renovated Employee Restroom Facilities

A clean color palette of greys and blues makes for a soothing atmosphere. 

Project scope

Peeling paint, rust, outdated fixtures, dim lighting, non-functioning exhaust fans, and lackluster appeal were just some of the driving factors behind this commercial bathroom renovation project. Our task was to rework the industrial facility’s three employee bathroom spaces, including a men’s room, a women’s room, and a small single bathroom, into two modern and smartly designed ADA bathrooms.

The plans included:

  • Hands-free fixtures
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Durable, high-traffic flooring
  • Bright lighting
  • ADA bathroom stalls
  • Modern and streamlined aesthetic

After drawing the floorplans, we created 3-D renderings to help our customer envision precisely how the new proposed bathroom spaces will look. We also secured the appropriate permits because our plans included moving plumbing and electrical components from their original locations. Because our customer had not engaged an independent architect, we worked with our licensed architect partners on creating sealed drawings to ensure the proposed design met all required building codes. This convenient and economical approach to commercial renovations helped save our customer money on outsourcing its own architect or engineer.


The primary challenge we faced during this commercial bathroom renovation project happened during the demolition phase. We encountered what we suspected to be asbestos lurking behind walls. Knowing the health risks associated with this material, it was imperative for us to immediately pause our work until we could confirm the composition of the suspected material. So, we hired a specialized testing agency that confirmed that it was indeed asbestos.

To combat this challenge, we partnered with a certified contractor to safely remove asbestos. Our contractor sealed off the area to protect the industrial facility’s employees from further exposure and completed the procedure after regular business hours. While the asbestos removal process added a week to the timeline, our crew remained nimble enough to resume work immediately following completion.


We were free to begin construction on this transformational project with an asbestos-free demolition space, satisfying every feature on our customer’s wish list.

Hands-free fixtures

Sensor-driven toilets, sinks, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers provided the highly hygienic space our customer desired to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, such as Covid-19 and influenza.

Easy-to-clean surfaces

We installed durable white subway ceramic tile on all the wet walls behind the toilets and urinals to make cleaning simple. Easy-wipe solid surface countertops and mop-friendly epoxy flooring are a couple of other cleaning-focused design considerations.

Durable, high-traffic flooring

Our customer preferred to stay away from ceramic flooring, so we installed a durable epoxy flooring that can withstand the high volume of foot traffic from employees within this large industrial facility.

Bright lighting

We installed energy-efficient LED lighting to brighten up the bathrooms, complete with occupancy sensors that automatically turn on when an employee enters the space and turns off when they leave.

ADA bathroom stalls

We equipped both the men’s and women’s bathrooms with ADA-compliant stalls, two for the men and three for the women. These stalls feature wider doors and stall space to accommodate employees who require extra room.

Modern and streamlined aesthetic

We chose a cool and clean color scheme in grey, white, and blue tones to satisfy the modern aesthetic requirements. We also devised hidden trash cans beneath the countertops to keep the bathrooms free of clunky garbage receptacles and provided ample storage for keeping toilet paper and other supplies out of sight.

This project also included updates to all the electrical and HVAC, replacing previously non-functioning exhaust fans, and relocating a vent stack. Finally, the previously paint-peeled ceiling now features a drop ceiling that allows easy access to HVAC and electrical components.


Today, our customer has a beautiful and functional men’s bathroom with two urinals, two stalls, and dual sinks with mirrors. The women’s bathroom features three stalls instead of two and dual sinks with mirrors. We completed this commercial renovation project in six weeks, saving our customer the headaches of individually sourcing and hiring an architect, removing asbestos, and managing the renovation from start to finish as each task was managed by Souder Brothers. The employees at this industrial facility now have a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing space they are proud of.