Mitsubishi/Auto Rent Parking Lot

Doylestown, PA

The new Mitsubishi/Auto Rent parking lot was built on an undeveloped 9 acre parcel of land. Souder Brothers worked with the site engineer to assist in providing valuable feedback and new ideas regarding challenges that arose. Souder Brothers also helped the owner choose the new LED lighting system. The lot light fixtures are LED with special features including auto dimmers and a daylight savings module built into each light head. These features allow the owner to program the lighting; these are set to change to 75% power at closing time, and lower to 20% from midnight til sunrise for improved performance and security. The project also included new roads with pervious paving, new curbs, underground storm water management system, new 8" water lines, a new sanitary line, Penn Dot road work, telephone pole relocations, and all landscaping. Also included is the milling and overlay of some existing parking areas. The new space serves as an overflow lot for the owner's various dealerships in the area.

Parking Lot LED Lighting

New LED fixtures with built in daylight savings modules and timers offer plenty of light for visibility and security.