Site Work/Parking Lots

Site work construction and parking lot construction may not be the flashiest parts of a building project – at least not when compared to a finished building – but they are among the most crucial.

“Site work construction” is an umbrella term that can include multiple aspects of a project, including grading and excavating, the installation of septic systems, driveway construction, landscaping, and stormwater management systems.

It’s the type of important nuts-and-bolt work our commercial construction clients rely on Souder Brothers Construction to execute.

Our parking lot construction work goes beyond just putting down new asphalt. We can install new curbs and site lighting and handle landscaping, striping, and signage.

We’ll work with site engineers and your municipality to make sure your new lot increases the value of your property and gets you an outstanding return on your investment.

Contact Souder Brothers Construction, Inc. before you embark on your next site work construction or parking lot construction project to learn how we can make sure your property looks its best.