Doylestown Accounting Office Renovations

Doylestown, PA

Our customer was looking to update their office space and make it more user friendly. Their space was dated and had mismatched furniture and desks. Souder Brothers got involved from the very beginning of the project with drawing the floor plans, finalizing the space planning, and performing the construction work as a true one-stop shop. The existing drop ceiling was removed and the bar joists and metal deck were painted to give the space a larger and more modern appearance. New skylights were added to replace existing and were tinted to avoid sun glare on employee computers. In addition to the natural light from the skylights, LED lights were installed to cut down on energy costs. These specific fixtures hang from the exposed ceiling and put off 15% uplighting and 85% downlighting giving the office a great ambiance. In an effort to give the customer more storage we utilized all wall space for upper cabinets which allowed us to gain more storage space within the same square footage area. As part of the office renovation process, cubicles were designed to be smaller as electronics have evolved and large computers that take up a lot of space are no longer needed. Details like half-round cut outs in the desk tops and sliding printer drawers give employees a more comfortable work space. 

Completed Office Area

Modernized office space with new finishes throughout.