Accounting Office Renovations - Phase I

Doylestown, PA

The owner of this space wanted to be able to better utilize the existing 25' x 25' space that was being used as a storage space/conference room with harsh fluorescent lighting and low ceilings. The goal was to create a modern office space for 5 employees. This was achieved by taking out the existing 7' drop ceiling and giving the room a total overhaul. Souder Brothers exposed the bar joists and metal decking, painted the exposed areas a bright white color, and installed two 4' x 4' skylights to allow natural light to shine in. The new ceiling height of 12' combined with the skylights makes the area feel more open and much larger. The old 2' x 4' fixtures were replaced with modern hanging fixtures. A Mitsubishi compact heating/air conditioning unit was installed so there was no need for unsightly duct work to be visible on the now exposed ceilings.

Souder Brothers provided the owner with multipe design layouts to best use this space and achieve the perfect design for functional and aesthetic purposes. By doing this Souder Brothers was able to help the employees visualize the finished product and get them excited about moving into this space.

Completed Office Renovation

The office area has been totally transformed and now functions as an accounting office for 5 employees. The renovated space is complete with cubicles, privacy glass separators, new carpet, an exposed ceiling with new light fixtures and 2 new 4' x 4' skylights, custom desks, and plenty of filing/storage space.