Fred Beans Newtown Ford

Newtown, PA

Fred Beans Newtown Ford Dealership Project

Location: Newtown, PA

Project type: Interior and exterior commercial addition/renovation

Services: Preconstruction estimating, construction project management, demolition, construction, landscape, hardscape, and finishing

Year: 2022


This project was a special one for Souder Brothers and for Fred Beans given the history of this particular building. In 1972, Fred Beans bought a 25% share of Bill Marsh Ford in Newtown, PA, his first ever dealership in what would come to be a collection of dozens. A few years later in 1975, Fred Beans purchased the Ford dealership in Doylestown. However, at that time, Ford would not allow ownership of multiple dealerships and required owners to live in the town they served. So, Fred relinquished his share in Bill Marsh Ford, but he always liked Newtown and wanted to remain involved in the area.

Since then, Ford has modified its ownership requirements, so Fred re-acquired Bill Marsh Ford 42 years after selling his 25% stake. He renamed it Fred Beans Ford and chose to renovate the interior and exterior to expand the showroom and modernize the aesthetic. Having worked with Fred Beans on previous car dealership renovation projects, including CARSTAR-Newtown, Hyundai-Doylestown, Buick-Doylestown, and countless other locations, we were thrilled to partner with them on project near and dear to Fred’s heart.



Project scope

The Fred Beans Ford dealership renovation project was completed in phases, starting with the service area, followed by the showroom addition and interior renovation, completed with some various other interior areas such as tech bathrooms and locker rooms.

With its existing showroom having only enough room for two cars and five desks, the renovation would allow for more car display space and salesperson workspaces. In addition, the lighting, finishes, and façade were dated, so our role was to work with Fred Beans’ architectural, engineering, and design teams to update the interior and exterior according to Ford’s brand standards.

Working strategically in phases, we coordinated closely with the dealership’s management, sales, and service departments to ensure they could remain 100% operational throughout the nine-month project.

Our construction services for the Newtown Fred Beans Ford dealership project included preconstruction estimating, project management, demolition, construction, landscape, hardscape, and finishing.


While reviewing the front parking site drawings, the proposed tall curb along Sycamore street and drastic drop between the curb and the landing gave us pause, knowing that a more streamlined design would offer better appeal. So, we discussed our concerns with the Fred Beans team, and they agreed that it warranted a second look. Working with the civil engineer, we contributed feedback and ideas to improve the exterior elevation, helping to level out the landscaped area.


The expanded and modernized solutions at the Newtown Fred Beans Ford dealership included:

· Energy efficient upgrades – We installed a new, energy-efficient HVAC system and LED lighting to reduce the dealership’s energy consumption and costs.

· Durable flooring – We removed the carpet in the showroom area and installed ceramic tile for better durability in spaces with exceedingly high foot traffic.

· Ford-approved finishes – The all-glass façade and horizontal metal siding met Ford’s design standards while modernizing the exterior and drawing more natural light into the interior.

· Refreshed parking lot – We reconfigured the dealership’s parking lot, relocating electric car battery chargers and installing new paving and plantings according to the township’s requirements.

· ADA updates – We brought the entrances, bathrooms, and service center up to ADA building codes, including lowering counter height and widening doorways.

· Inviting customer lounge space – We updated the customer lounge space to provide a coffee center for guests waiting for their car service to be completed.

· Underground cellular lines – Working with Verizon, we removed unsightly aerial lines and installed sleeves of PVC conduit for inconspicuous underground lines.

· Patriotic flag display – We updated the dealership’s flagpole to allow Fred Beans to fly his signature oversized American flag out front.


Today, the Newtown Fred Beans Ford showroom can fit six cars instead of two, their salespeople have access to nine workspaces instead of five, and the facility exudes Ford’s recognizable modern amenities. Thanks to our proactive approach in suggesting the exterior design modification, the dealership’s exterior is as visually pleasing as it is functional.

Additionally, in recognition of the dealership’s long and storied history, the Newtown Fred Beans Ford dealership features a history wall for staff and customers to enjoy. When the project was complete, Fred Beans invited vital project teams to a grand reopening event on June 23, 2022, creating an opportunity for everyone to celebrate this new chapter in the dealership’s legacy.

Fred Beans Ford Newtown with new showroom addition, new façade, renovated service area and shop, and reconfigured parking lot

Fred Beans Newtown Ford