Fred Beans Langhorne Ford

Langhorne, PA

Langhorne Ford Service Center/Truck Sales Project

Location: Langhorne, PA

Project type: Interior commercial renovation

Services: Preconstruction estimating, construction project management, demolition, construction, and finishing

Year: 2022



Dim light, limited space, unclear traffic flow, and outdated finishes prompted Fred Beans to approach us with the idea of enhancing the service center interior at Ford of Langhorne. The idea was to streamline the space by adding visual appeal and functional improvements to give the service center’s customers and employees a modern space to visit and work. In conjunction with this renovation, we also updated the Langhorne Ford truck sales showroom which is a separate building across the parking lot from the service center. Having worked with the Fred Beans team on several projects over the last 15 years, including CARSTAR-Doylestown, Fred Beans Subaru, and Fred Beans Chevrolet (to name a few) we had the foundations to hit the ground running.

Project scope

We managed this wide-reaching project by working closely with Fred Beans’ architectural, engineering, and design teams. Our task was to transform nearly every aspect of the service center, and adjacent truck sales showroom including the customer lounge, service writer workspaces, and on-site public restrooms, according to Ford’s brand standards. In the truck sales building new private offices were built and finishes were updated.

Our construction services for both of the Langhorne Ford projects included preconstruction estimating, project management, demolition, construction, and finishing.


Using a phased approach to keep the service center fully operational from start to finish, we completed the following interior construction services at Fred Beans Ford of Langhorne:

· Enlarged space – By moving the glass wall, we enlarged the service center, creating a spacious, natural light-filled area with more room for customers and staff.

· Reconfigured service writer workspaces – The previous service writer desk layout didn’t offer a clear direction for customers entering the service center. The new space features service writer desks front and center, making it easy for customers to know where to go for assistance.

· Functional upgrades – Custom-built desks designed with functional appeal give service center staff ample storage to reduce clutter. In addition, recessed cabinets provide a place to hide the printers while allowing employees to retrieve copies from a specially designed cutout at the top.

· High-traffic flooring – We replaced the old and dated carpet with modern, neutral tile planks designed for high-traffic flow areas.

· Brighter and more efficient lighting – The upgraded lighting plan featured energy-efficient LED lights throughout the space for a bright and cheerful ambiance.

· Customer-centric lounge area – Rather than having two separate customer lounge areas, we consolidated them into one with a more intelligent setup featuring a break area, coffee lounge, water fountains, and other customer-centric amenities.

· Revamped public bathrooms – We enlarged the public restrooms according to ADA compliance standards, outfitting them with designer finishes and hands-free fixtures for a modern edge.

· Upgraded electrical – We relocated and added power to accommodate the electrical requirements for the service center’s new IT systems.

· New drop ceiling – We replaced the old and drab drop ceiling with a refreshed ceiling grid and new tiles.

· Visually appealing aesthetics – To top off the project, we installed decorative wall paneling to add visual appeal and comfort to the new space.


As a result of this interior commercial renovation project, the updated Fred Beans of Langhorne service center is bright, spacious, functional, and modern. We offered an all-in-one construction solution, giving the Fred Beans team access to all the interior remodeling services required under one roof while

managing every aspect of the project. In the truck sales showroom the new private offices and updated finishes allow for a more enjoyable customer experience.