Fred Beans Hyundai

Doylestown, PA

Renovations to an existing Saturn dealership were made in order to change the space over to a Hyundai dealership. This project involved interior and exterior renovations to make the dealership state of the art and bring it up to the latest design requirements implemented by Hyundai. It included an all new exterior facade, new showroom, new offices, new service writers area, new bathrooms, new lounge area, and a new exterior service drive canopy complete with skylights and lighting. Adding a service canopy is a new trend in the car dealership world. It brings added convenience to customers who are able to bring their cars into a protected area to avoid the elements when they are in need of service.

Car Dealership Facade Renovation

The exterior of the dealership is complete with branding on the new tower, storefront glass, and the addition of the service canopy.