Why Design/Build Construction Could Be Right for Your Next Project

In case you’re not familiar with design/build construction, let’s review the basics. The design/build approach is when a single entity (in most cases, the General Contractor) is responsible for the entirety of the construction project from the design phase through completion of construction.

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Why choose design/build over a more traditional design/bid/build approach? We’ll tell you! Design/build construction allows for …

1. Single Source of Responsibility

Hiring a design/build contractor (like Souder Brothers Construction) helps you, the owner, by creating a single point of contact rather than having to deal with architects, designers, engineers and a contractor. We know you’re busy running your own business, so let us take over the coordination of all involved parties and save you some headaches.

2. Cost & Time Savings

When you hire a design/build contractor, certain construction activities can begin before the plans and specs are 100% complete. Some longer lead time materials can be ordered ahead of time which helps to shorten the overall construction timeline. Being involved from the very beginning allows the GC to phase the work properly which results in time and dollar savings.

3. Superior Quality/Design

When the contractor is involved throughout every step of the process, they can work hand-in-hand with the architect/designer to achieve a design that is both high quality and functional, working seamlessly not only on paper but also during actual construction.

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4. Minimize Misunderstandings

Having a design build contractor who is responsible for all parties puts them in constant contact with the architect, designers and owner. This allows for a continuous stream of communication and cuts down on important pieces of information not being relayed to the correct people.

5. Value Engineering

The design build approach allows the GC, engineers, architect and specialty trade contractors to collaborate from the beginning to decide on best-value solutions for numerous parts of construction before the design is complete. Making these decisions up front rather than once construction starts can eliminate design errors, and will also benefit your timeline (and your wallet).

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If you’re considering a commercial renovation on your existing building, or thinking about building a new facility, a design build approach is worth looking into. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you decide on the best path forward for your project.

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