Warrington Country Club: Commercial Construction in PA


Complete a 2,880 sq. ft. addition under a very tight schedule during the coldest months of the winter.


Deal with working outside in less than ideal weather conditions with temperatures close to zero degrees. Complete an entire almost 3,000 sq. ft. addition in a 3-month time period.

Last January Souder Brothers Construction was awarded a contract to build a commercial addition at the Warrington Country Club in Warrington, PA. The project consisted of a new grand foyer and a porte cochère at the main entrance.

The Country Club remained in business throughout the entirety of the construction project. We worked closely with the owners to coordinate making the construction area look presentable for clients who were having events during the renovation. Teamwork and communication between Souder Brothers and the wonderful staff at Warrington CC was essential for a successful project. There were nights when our crew would wrap up construction at 4:00 pm and the team at Warrington would come in to hang up drapes and temporary partitions to make the construction zone look presentable for events that were happening at the Country Club.

Souder Brothers likes a challenge! One of the biggest obstacles to overcome was the task of pouring footings in zero degree weather with snow on the ground. We had to come up with a creative solution to make this feasible. Souder Brothers built wooden boxes that covered the area the footings would be poured in, tarped them, and pumped in heat. There you have it – an innovative solution to get things done!

commercial construction in PA
With such a tight timeline to adhere to, Souder Brothers created a very detailed construction schedule where tasks to be completed each day were itemized. This makes it easy for everyone involved in the project to be aware of deadlines. It’s also extremely helpful for the owner to be able to stay informed about what trades will be on site and be able to monitor the progress of the project.

Commercial Construction Schedule

Souder Brothers operates under a ‘whatever it takes’ motto, and that was proven throughout this project from both our employees and our subcontractors who were working in extremely cold conditions which often extended into weekend hours. Everyone involved on the project put in 110% effort to meet the client’s expectations.

Warrington Country Club Construction

The project came together beautifully thanks to the hard work of everyone on the Souder Brothers team. We met the deadline for the Warrington Country Club who had a large event to host the weekend after construction was completed. The end result: a beautiful new foyer with plenty of windows and natural light, and a functional and stylish porte cochère!

Commercial construction PA completed

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