Disaster Repair: From Recovery to Rebuild

When we hear the word “construction,” we may tend to think of new builds or planned renovation projects, but some of the most critical construction work happens in response to natural disasters.  In September, Hurricane Ida brought heavy rains and flooding to the greater Philadelphia area, presenting many business owners with unplanned cleanup and repair.  Over the years, Souder Brothers Construction has assisted in many of these restoration projects.  Here we’ll present some general considerations for dealing with the aftermath of uncontrollable events like hurricane storm surges, then discuss how our company in particular is uniquely suited to tackle disaster repair work.

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Does Your Facility Have an Emergency Natural Disaster Plan?

Preparation is key

Every time we turned on the news in 2017, it seemed like we were reading about another natural disaster.

Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Maria. Tornadoes, wildfires, and blizzards, all of them adding up to well over $200 billion in damage. And that’s not counting more localized catastrophes like sinkholes and earthquakes.

And now it’s 2018. The start of a new year is often a time to reflect on the old one, and to prepare for the months ahead. For property owners, this is particularly important to ensure your investment is protected to the best of your ability.

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