4 Tips To Help Home Buyers – Sellers Avoid Costly Repairs

residential construction and designSpringtime is arguably the most popular time of year to buy or sell a home. Putting your home up for sale or finding the right home to buy can be challenging enough without having to worry about hidden issues and costs. By expending a little extra effort upfront you can end up saving yourself lots of time, heartaches and potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. Here are 4 quick tips to be mindful of when you’re selling your home or in the market to buy a new home:

Stucco issues

If the exterior of the home you’re looking at has stucco, it needs to be inspected. Many stucco homes, even as new as 10 years old, are failing inspection due to issues such as incorrect application, water infiltration, and mold. It’s imperative to examine this before entering into any contract as it can turn into a very pricey problem. Many buyers are unaware of this because it often can’t be seen from the outside. If water gets behind the stucco, it can start to rot the house from the inside out. Depending on the amount of damage, repairs can range from a few thousand dollars into the hundreds of thousands.

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