The U.S. Commercial Construction Market Outlook

The commercial construction market has rebounded faster in 2022, and more growth is expected in 2023. During the pandemic, all industries suffered a major setback, for only a select few, such as retail, industrial, and healthcare industries, to recover a year later. The broader commercial construction industry began to rebound in 2022, thanks to the rising demand due to shifting market trends.

Business owners looking to venture into commercial construction or those underway with projects must understand the current commercial construction outlook and what to expect in the long run. We have highlighted some key takeaways in the construction industry and the market indicators to watch.

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How to Avoid 3 Common Construction Scheduling Delays

We live in an era that values expediency. Instant gratification is crucial when it comes to how we eat, how we shop, and  — most importantly for our purposes — how we build.

One of the most common questions we get in the early stages of the construction project process is: “How soon can you start?”

The second most common? “What’s the turnaround time/how quickly can this be done?”

Time crunches have become the standard for our industry, with contractors under increasing pressure to get in, renovate or build, and get out.

And we’ve adapted accordingly, prioritizing our clients’ schedules and deadlines. We know that delays can be harmful, as there’s usually not much wiggle room built into a construction schedule.

That’s why it’s crucial to know what causes construction delays and how to avoid them. Here are three of the most common things that derail construction.

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