6 Tips for a Successful Office Renovation

office renovations in PAIf you’ve ever remodeled your home, you know that it can be a stressful time.

Upgrading your office can be just as stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are a few tips for a successful office renovation.

Go in with a plan

Before you start work, make sure you’ve figured out what style you want to embrace. Something modern? Something that adheres to the building’s original look?

Without a clear vision for your style, it will be harder to make decisions as the work progresses. You may even have to undo work you’ve completed as your plan comes together.

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Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for Commercial Construction in PA

commercial construction in PA consultantWhen colleagues in the commercial construction business ask us why they should consider adding the services of a professional consultant onto their payroll, we generally tend to explain the decision like this: Imagine having someone on your team whose role is making sure your job’s contract is adhered to down to the very last letter.

Imagine if that same person, who may be an architect or perhaps an engineer, could be brought in before or during the design stage to consult on everything from site selection and project budgeting to environmental studies and space relationships.

That, my friends, is exactly what a commercial construction consultant does. In fact, when considering whether you might want to hire a consultant for your own PA-based commercial construction company, you might want to think of a consultant as a project manager, because that’s exactly what they do: They manage the project, almost regardless of what it entails.

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Curb Appeal: How Do I Know If My Business Is Due for a Commercial Fit-Out?

commercial fit out in PAHere’s the question: How exactly are you supposed to know when the time is right to begin a major renovation of your commercial property. For that matter, when is a good time to start even a partial fit-out, such as an upgrade to your entranceway and lobby? Or perhaps the installation of new windows? Or even a project as seemingly simple as a brick-repointing job or a new door?

As for the answer … well, if you own a commercial building but don’t happen to work in the commercial real estate or development trade yourself, the truth is that questions about the timing of a renovation aren’t always easy to answer. Because no matter how successful or debt-free your company is, the fact remains that spending superfluously is almost always a bad idea.

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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Commercial Fit-Out in PA

commercial fit out in PAAs with any construction project, a commercial fit-out in PA requires you to ask a lot of questions. By asking the right questions before you start, you can avoid some very major pitfalls once work is underway.

Here are some things you should consider before starting a commercial fit-out in PA.

How is the property zoned?

Zoning rules vary from community to community. It’s a good idea to look at the zoning regulations for the community for where you’re building before you build, particularly if the project involves changing the use of a building. You may need approval from the community’s zoning board before you can proceed with the work.

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Warrington Country Club: Commercial Construction in PA


Complete a 2,880 sq. ft. addition under a very tight schedule during the coldest months of the winter.


Deal with working outside in less than ideal weather conditions with temperatures close to zero degrees. Complete an entire almost 3,000 sq. ft. addition in a 3-month time period.

Last January Souder Brothers Construction was awarded a contract to build a commercial addition at the Warrington Country Club in Warrington, PA. The project consisted of a new grand foyer and a porte cochère at the main entrance.

The Country Club remained in business throughout the entirety of the construction project. We worked closely with the owners to coordinate making the construction area look presentable for clients who were having events during the renovation. Teamwork and communication between Souder Brothers and the wonderful staff at Warrington CC was essential for a successful project. There were nights when our crew would wrap up construction at 4:00 pm and the team at Warrington would come in to hang up drapes and temporary partitions to make the construction zone look presentable for events that were happening at the Country Club.

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Quaker Valley Foods – A Design-Build Commercial Renovation

In September of 2015, Souder Brothers completed an 8,000 sq. ft. renovation at the Quaker Valley Foods facility in Philadelphia, PA. The job implemented SBC’s design-build and budget-consulting services. Souder Brothers had previously worked with the client on a separate renovation project two years prior. The success of the initial renovation resulted in repeat work, which is what we strive for with all of our clients.

commercial renovation PAThe 2015 commercial building remodel project was completed without the services of an architect, so the entire design plan was completed in-house by Souder Brothers. The purpose of the project was to upgrade multiple areas throughout the building including various offices, open cubicle areas, a large conference room, break room, and to repurpose other existing spaces. The challenge was to complete the project during regular office hours without disrupting the QVF staff.

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Commercial Construction Trends of 2015

Upgrading a workspace can have an immeasurable impact on the morale of employees, and increase productivity levels. Check out some of the latest construction trends to consider for your commercial renovation!

Adjustable Height Desks

Desks from The Human Solution have many different design options, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your taste
Desks from The Human Solution have many different design options, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your taste

For commercial office spaces, standing desks and all things ergonomic are not new concepts, but they have been increasing in popularity over the last year or so. Our favorite choice for an adjustable height desk comes from The Human Solution. They’re customizable, and have an option for a memory keypad. This keypad can be programmed with four positions so you can easily change your position with the push of a button.

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Design-Build Projects – Working Together for Better Results

country club commercial renovation
Souder Brothers worked with the architect and the building owners to construct this new porte cochère and grand entrance at the Warrington Country Club in the dead of winter 2014/2015.

Let’s start with the basics. What is design-build construction project? It could be a residential or a commercial project – the defining characteristic of this project type is that the construction services are contracted by one single entity (the design-builder). Essentially, the contractor is responsible for all parties involved which leaves the business owner or homeowner free of the obligation of coordinating each step of the project and gives them more time to focus on their day to day business.

For a design-build project, the general contractor works very closely with the architect as a team. At Souder Brothers we work with a number of architects on a regular basis so we can be sure we are matching your project type with their expertise. If you are in need of architectural services and would like a recommendation, feel free to give us a call.

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Residential-Commercial Construction FAQs

Residential & Commercial Construction Project FAQsWhen new prospective clients come to us many of them have similar questions in regard to their construction projects, whether residential construction or commercial construction. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you get a better idea of the construction process as a whole.

1. Do you charge for estimates?

We do not charge for our initial estimates. We are happy to meet with you to review the project and give you a detailed proposal outlining what is included in the scope of work for the price quoted. It’s important for us to find out as many details as possible about the project in order to give you an accurate price.

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Contractor for Your Philadelphia Project

commercial contractor PhiladelphiaHiring a contractor for a job in Philadelphia can often feel like stepping gingerly through a minefield, especially for a commercial building project. But there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’ll be working with a reputable, reliable builder who will see your project through to successful completion.

The first and most important consideration when choosing your contractor will be to gather their references. Ask your potential contractors to give you references directly, and go ahead and do a little online sleuthing as well. Try to secure references from earlier in the contractor’s career, as well as from a current job that you can see in progress if possible.

How else can you establish the reliability of your general contractor?

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