Six Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Commercial Space

Are you proud of your business?

We don’t mean your employees or what you and they have accomplished. We mean the building itself. Are you happy with what you see when you walk in each day, or is time for a change?

Here are six signs it might be time to invest in some commercial building remodeling.

An old, terrible conference room in a crummy commercial building
If your conference room looks like this, it’s due for a remodel.

1. Your office feels like a time machine

Sometimes a few retro touches can give your space some old-school charm. But some commercial spaces just feel outdated.

Does your commercial space seem outdated compared to your competitors’? Does your décor or your furniture seem like it’s stuck in the past? If so, it might be time to consider a commercial building remodeling project.

2. You’re seeing a lot of wear and tear

One obvious sign that you need to remodel your space is deterioration. Do you have paint that’s begun to fade or peel? Has your carpeting begun to look worn? Your furniture less comfortable? It might be time for some office renovations.

3. You’re running out of space

In a way, this can be a good problem to have. Unexpected growth can mean that your company is flourishing and you need room to house new employees or customers or a place to keep extra products.

If that’s the case, you might be experiencing some growing pains (offices that never have enough conference space, stores that always feel crowded, etc.) A commercial building remodeling project will either allow you to add on to the space you have or find new ways to utilize your existing space.

4. Your employees are upset

As a manager or owner (or both), one of your goals is to make things as efficient as you can for your workers. This not only makes their job easier and boosts morale, it helps your bottom line: an efficient workplace is a productive workplace.

Are cubicles too cramped? Does the break room feel more like a closet? Are workers bumping into each other in the showroom? These are all signs that you might want to revamp your space.

5. Your décor isn’t “you”

Let’s say you own an ice cream parlor. You wouldn’t paint your walls with the same color scheme you’d expect to find at, say, a law firm that handles tax issues.

Your brand is a great way to market your company and help you stand out from your competition. If your décor doesn’t reflect that brand, it may be time for a change.

6. You don’t like to meet at your office

You have a client who lives in another state, but they call you up one day and announce that they’ll be in town and want to meet with you.

Do you say “Great! I’ll book one of our conference rooms,” or do you suggest meeting somewhere off site?

If you said yes to meeting off site, this is yet another sign that it’s time to consider commercial building remodeling. Rather than not being comfortable with showing off your place of work, show your clients – and potential clients – that you have a workspace to be proud of.

Is your business ready for a new look? Turn to Souder Brothers Construction. Our team has a wide range of experience with commercial building remodeling, having handled everything from office spaces to car dealerships to warehouses.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your commercial space a more inviting place for customers and employees alike.

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