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Your Construction Team: What is My Superintendent Responsible For?

In our last blog we talked about the responsibilities of a project manager. Another essential member of your construction team is the superintendent or field supervisor. This person will be on site every day for the duration of your project. Your superintendent will report to the project manager and is responsible for managing the day to day activities of construction on the job site, including coordinating with any specialty contractors that will be working on the project.

At Souder Brothers our superintendents are always working superintendents. What does this mean to you? We don’t have supervisors who stand around all day and ‘supervise’. Our field supervisors are working with their hands contributing to the progress of the project while simultaneously supervising our other carpenters on site as well as the other trades. They’ll keep track of the schedule to make sure tasks are being completed in the proper order to keep the project moving forward.

Project superintendent and foreman discussing plans at construction site.It’s important for a superintendent to have excellent communication skills. They are often the liaison between the project manager, various trades, and the customer since they are on site every day. Our superintendents will familiarize themselves with the construction site and the blueprints to make sure they know everything about your job. When challenges come up on site they will be responsible for working with the project manager to come up with the best path forward to keep the job running smoothly. Our superintendents are also responsible for quality control. They’ll examine materials when receiving deliveries to ensure that quality materials are being used on the project. They will also make sure that everything is installed to meet current building codes.

New Building Being Constructed With Use Of Tower Crane

When you interview contractors for your project make sure you meet and feel comfortable with the superintendent. You’ll be seeing them every day over the course of your project. If you’re considering a construction project and have questions, give us a call. We’d be happy to meet with you and help you get started.

2 thoughts on “Your Construction Team: What is My Superintendent Responsible For?”

  1. With any construction company, they need to know what the superintendent is in charge of. As you said here, a good superintendent actually works and doesn’t just walk around and tell people what to do. They should also be on site every day to make sure that everyone is doing their jobs properly.

  2. Thanks for the post. Sometimes it could get confusing to really know the duties and responsibilities of each construction project head. And I agree, communication is just about what needs to be what everyone, including the superintendent is good at.

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