Why You Should Consult a Contractor BEFORE Buying a Home You Plan to Renovate

kitchen residential renovationBuying a new home can be overwhelming, especially if the home needs work. If you’re looking at a property that you want to renovate, or add on to, having an accurate budget for the construction costs is essential before making an offer. How can you come up with a realistic budget? Consult a professional! We have helped many of our clients navigate through similar situations.

A client recently came to us while looking to purchase a 1.1-million-dollar home in Philadelphia. They planned to do extensive renovations if the price of both the house and the renovations fit into their budget. Souder Brothers took a site visit to review the project and help the owners come up with a construction wish list and a budget to go along with it. With this knowledge in hand our client was able to make an informed and educated decision regarding purchasing their new home.

Top 5 reasons to consult with a contractor before purchasing a home you plan to renovate:

  1. Obtaining an accurate construction budget from a qualified professional will help you determine if the renovations fit into your home buying budget

Without having a construction budget, a homeowner may find after purchasing a home that they don’t have enough funds to complete their renovations. Avoid this by finding out beforehand if both the home and the upgrades fit into your budget.

  1. Get rid of the guess work

Avoid the uncertainty of having to wonder if you missed anything by trying to come up with a budget on your own.

  1. Gain confidence by knowing you have someone who can help you through the whole process from the budget phase to the actual construction

Souder Brothers Construction offers a full range of services. Let us help you come up with a construction budget, and perform the renovation work when the time comes.

  1. Find a contractor who can assist with floor plans

Souder Brothers has in house drawing services and can help you come up with a plan for your new addition or renovated spaces.

  1. Confirm that your renovation plans are feasible

Get confirmation from a professional contractor that the renovations you are planning can be achieved.

bathroom home renovationBuying a new home or completing any type of home renovations are both big projects on their own. When you combine them, it’s important to make sure all your bases are covered. Souder Brothers is happy to help, and to answer any questions you might have about choosing the right contractor for you. Call us today and let’s get started!

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