Questions to Ask Before Starting a Commercial Fit-Out in PA

commercial fit out in PAAs with any construction project, a commercial fit-out in PA requires you to ask a lot of questions. By asking the right questions before you start, you can avoid some very major pitfalls once work is underway.

Here are some things you should consider before starting a commercial fit-out in PA.

How is the property zoned?

Zoning rules vary from community to community. It’s a good idea to look at the zoning regulations for the community for where you’re building before you build, particularly if the project involves changing the use of a building. You may need approval from the community’s zoning board before you can proceed with the work.

What codes do I need to consider?

The term “up to code” can just be another way of saying “satisfactory,” but it has a more specific meaning in the construction world. When you’re working on a commercial project, there are a number of codes you’ll need to follow.

In Pennsylvania, the statewide building code is known as the Uniform Construction Code, which is enforced at the local and state level.

Among the other codes are the structural code, the plumbing code, the fire/line safety code, the electrical code, the gas code, the accessibility code and the elevator code.

Do I have enough space?

It’s important to get a clear idea of the size of your property. Can you work in the space you have, or will you need to make additions? If you need to expand, refer back to our first question about zoning. The community might have setback requirements that could prohibit your expansion.

Does it meet my transportation needs?

If you’re a manufacturer, or a warehouse, or any business making/receiving a lot of deliveries, consider your transportation needs. Is there space for a loading dock? A place for trucks to park? Is the building we’re considering close to major highways? If you’re asking these questions and answering “No,” you may need to reconsider the building.

What’s the neighborhood like?

Give some thought to the neighborhood where you’ve planned your construction project. Will it fit in with the surrounding buildings, or will it lead to protests from concerned citizens? Even if you’ve met all of the community’s zoning requirements, you may still face neighbors who think your project is a bad fit.

You might have a number of other concerns as you prepare your commercial fit-out in PA, which is why it’s best to work with an experienced construction company.

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