renovated operating room of Manor College Vet Tech project (with cute dog stuffed animal posed on table)

Project Spotlight: Manor College Veterinary Technology Facilities

In light of Employee Appreciation Day being last Friday, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing work our team has completed. Let’s take a look at Manor College’s Veterinary Technology Facilities and the unique challenges this renovation posed. Read on to learn how our crew solved them to yield a state-of-the-art suite for the program’s students and faculty.

Project Background

Manor College has been impressed with past projects Souder has completed on their campus – ranging from a bathroom remodel to an outdoor classroom build – and knew we’d be up to the task of renovating their veterinary technology space.  Accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association since 1992, the vet tech program prepares students to care for all types of animals. It also trains them in such areas as laboratory technology, radiography and anesthesia, and surgical techniques.  The existing facilities felt more like a time capsule than a space to inspire future medical professionals.  Yellow tinges of the lighting, walls, and flooring made the dated fixtures seem even older than they were, and storage limitations led to distracting clutter in some areas.

Manor College Veterinary Technology Facilities before specialty construction renovation

The Specialty Construction Renovation Process

Beyond modernizing the environment, this veterinary technology facilities project posed a couple of additional challenges.  The original layout wasn’t the most user-friendly. It had students and faculty constantly traveling across the hall between the lab and the operating room.  Time was also in short supply: we wanted to wrap up the project over the summer, with ample time for faculty to set up in the refreshed space before the start of the fall semester.

Manor College Veterinary Technology Facilities examination room with blue paint after renovation

Fortunately, our strong relationships with our cabinet makers and installers, who adhered to our tight schedule, ensured that we would implement the facilities’ new storage solutions on time. To address the cumbersome layout, our revised floor plans put the operating room adjacent to the lab, cutting down on the hassle of constant trips across the hall.  Concerns of eco-friendliness and pragmatism fueled other design choices: new LED lighting provides ample illumination as well as energy savings, and easily cleaned epoxy floors make resetting after labs less of a chore.

Project Results

Manor College Veterinary Technology Facilities after specialty construction project

Today, the vet tech program at Manor College is fully functioning, with students now able to learn in a state-of-the-art lab, operating room, and radiology room. As a full-service commercial construction and renovation company, we provided a convenient solution for our client, eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors. Our expertly designed and executed veterinary technology facilities now help to enhance program recruitment efforts and generate excitement among current students.

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