Owner’s Pre-Construction Project Checklist

Construction Project ManagementAre you thinking about remodeling or expanding your business, but unsure of where to start? We’ve put together a list of helpful tips for your pre-construction project checklist. These items are important to ensure a smooth construction process!

1. Which improvements will help your business?

Start thinking about what you need to help your business function better. Make a list of must-haves and a list of things you’d like to have if the budget allows. Do some research online about new office trends you may not even know about.

2. Set a budget

Set a budget. Maybe you’re not sure what your project is going to cost. Some contractors (like Souder Brothers) can provide a line item budget for a fee. The initial investment will be well worth it to help you determine a realistic budget and where you can cut costs if necessary. If it looks like you might have some money left over you can incorporate some items off of your ‘things you’d like to have’ list. When you get a contractor involved in the beginning they can also point out items you may not have thought about that you need to factor into the budget such as: architectural drawings, interior designer fees, permits, etc.

3. Establish a realistic time frame

Establish a realistic time frame. If you’re remodeling your existing office space, there are going to be some disruptions to your day to day business. A good contractor will do everything possible to minimize disruptions, but you should plan to be flexible with moving people around during the different project phases. Talk about how this is going to be handled before construction starts so there are no surprises. Having a schedule in place with a set start and finish date will help everyone stick to the timeline and will also help you as an owner be able to check in on your contractor to make sure they are not falling behind.

4. Insurance coverage

Make sure you get a certificate of insurance listing your company as additional insured from your contractor before the project starts. This is very important.

5. Consult with your contractor about design changes

Commercial Construction in PhiladellphiaAsk your contractor up front how any change orders will affect the schedule. You want to make sure that if a small design change is made it’s not going to delay the whole job by days or even weeks. Adding major items to a project will usually inevitably extend the timeframe of the job, but your contractor should be willing to work with you on smaller items.

Every construction project is different and has a unique set of challenges. Having a checklist to cover all of the important points before construction starts will put you ahead of the curve and help minimize any issues that might arise. Proper planning can be the difference between a successful project and a project with headaches and delays that you can’t afford.

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  1. I find it interesting that there are contractors can help create a budget for a business building remodel. Aside from these tips, I believe that owners should consider getting a site development service. Getting one will make sure that the finished property is durable and has protection against any natural disaster.

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