Office Renovation Trends & Tips

Bringing an outdated office space into the 21st century is one of our specialties here at Souder Brothers. Clients come to us all the time with a desire to renovate, but no idea where to start.

As a one-stop shop design/build firm, we have the expertise and the experience to give you the most efficient space possible for your needs through an office renovation for your facility in Pennsylvania & the greater Philadelphia area. The planning stage of any commercial renovation is essential. Here are our top tips to maximize your renovation project:

Combine Energy Efficient Lighting & Natural Light

office renovation lighting options
Remove old drop ceiling tiles and expose decking for a modern look with new lighting

A bright and well-lit work space can make your whole office environment seem cheerier. Dark and dingy office spaces make for unhappy employees, and unhappy employees lead to less productivity and negative team morale.

Swapping out old style light fixtures for new LED lighting will enhance the ambiance of your office and save on energy costs. Bringing in as much natural light as possible should always be a priority. This can be done by installing additional exterior windows and skylights where possible.

Adding under counter lighting at work spaces that have upper cabinets is also a cost effective way to make sure your offices have the appropriate amount of lighting. Our experience with office fit outs and commercial renovations has taught us about how the functionality and design of a work space can enhance productivity, and we will work to ensure that your office is renovated to allow for maximum employee productivity.

3D Renderings for Space Planning

rendering of an office renovation
Office Renovation Rendering

You may be used to the way your office space is currently set up, but this is one area where you need to trust the experts.

A general contractor that specializes in office renovations and that also offers drawing services will be able to help you layout your space in the most functional and efficient way possible. 3D renderings will be able to help you visualize the project and make any necessary changes before construction starts. We specialize in office renovations in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, and our 3D rendering services are an excellent way to help you visualize your project before it begins.

Make Each Workspace User Friendly

Printer Drawer Office Renovation
Attention to detail can make your project a great success.

Take a poll of your staff, or at least a core group of individuals to find out what your employees need for their day to day tasks.

Small adjustments made to a ‘typical’ workstation can make a huge difference for your team. Install new desks or work station tops with a radius corner for a more comfortable workspace. Install custom millwork to allow for a sliding hideaway printer at desks that generate a lot of paperwork.

Hire an Interior Designer

Why should your office look good when it has the potential to look great? The money you will invest in an interior designer will make your end result look like you spent twice the amount of money your project actually cost.

A designer will be able to help with finish selections to make sure the entire spaces ties together seamlessly. Your team will thank you for providing them with a beautiful work environment. Studies show that when employees are happy, they are more productive!

If you have questions about an upcoming renovation project, or need to be pointed in the right direction to start the construction process, feel free to give us a call or contact us. Our team of commercial & office renovation specialists will be happy to help in any way possible. Let’s work together to get your office space updated and more functional!

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  1. Having just remodeled some historic buildings for office space we realize the importance of lighting. Natural light combined with energy efficient lighting is critical especially when bringing a home up do to date.

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