example of an open floor plan at an auto dealership

New Auto Dealership Design Innovation

The way people are shopping and buying has dramatically changed from days of the past. Industry innovation and new business practices are bringing new life into the auto dealership and car service center. Customers want to take their business somewhere with a professional and comfortable atmosphere where they can put their trust. We’re bringing you some interesting information on the emerging ideas in the auto sales and service industry.

Open Concept Floor Plan

Opening up the floor plan of your auto dealership can bring new life into your space and improve the mindset of both employees and customers. Knocking down walls and eliminating barriers from the staff will create a transparency between your business and your customers. Gone are the days of private cubicles and secluded offices. It is becoming more and more popular to increase sightlines and make your space feel as big as possible. This allows for smoother sales processes and a more enjoyable purchasing cycle for all parties. This can also create more space in the showroom to showcase your newest vehicles.

Eye-Catching Exterior Design for Auto Dealerships

A good first impression is everything and any owner will want to wow potential car buyers. A first look can impact a sale tremendously. Opting to go with a full height glass entrance store front will provide high visibility to show off new cars on the showroom floor. Glass storefronts bring a modern and sleek look that will grab the attention of current and potential new clients. Customers will be able to see what you have to offer easily as they are passing by which will entice them to come inside to take a look. Glass storefronts are also great for allowing a plethora of natural light into the space to brighten up the showroom floor and fill it with a great energy.

exterior and front entrance of Carstar auto dealership

Functional Lounge Areas

One of the most important areas of a car dealer is the service department. With such a high percentage of revenue coming from this sector, you’ll want to make sure to retain current customers and continuously bring new customers in. A great way to do this is to make the service process as painless as possible. How can you achieve this? Add a revamped waiting area and give customers access to modern comforts while they wait. When you renovate your space be sure to add items like comfortable seats, WIFI, charging ports, a modern kitchenette, and a functional work area. Having these amenities can greatly increase the satisfaction of customers who are having their cars serviced. Customers who are waiting always want to know the status of the progress on their car. With today’s technology you can show real time updates by installing a fully integrated system to show all cars in line and what their service progress is. This will generate a positive customer service experience and let’s face it: service is all about the experience.

example of a modern customer lounge area inside a car dealership

Energy Efficiency

Incorporating modern energy upgrades can save a lot of money over time and will immediately improve the overall appearance of your facility. LED lighting is the most efficient lighting around and also creates a better ambiance than harsh fluorescent lighting. LED lighting has the capability be put on motion sensors in less trafficked areas to conserve electricity usage saving even more dollars. Another way to cut back on energy usage is by installing insulated glass in your storefront windows to improve heating and air conditioning efficiency.

customer waiting area of Carstar auto dealership

In today’s ever-changing marketplace most customers want a secure and easy transaction with a feeling of transparency and honesty. These new innovative auto dealership designs and ideas allow for more efficient and enjoyable business practices. Here at Souder Brothers we’re happy to discuss your options of how we can help you upgrade your facility to make you the top choice among your competition.

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