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Important Pre-Construction Items for your Commercial Renovation Project

The pre-construction phase of your project is an important phase that’s often overlooked. Why is it important, and what’s involved? Do I need pre-construction services? Let’s talk about it!

Not all projects are going to require pre-construction services, but they can be invaluable for complex and complicated commercial construction projects. Getting a general contractor involved early on in the process to work with the architect and engineers can help achieve a better overall project. Contractors are able to offer insight into the actual construction of a project, rather than it just being evaluated from generic calculations and code standpoints.

Before You Meet With Us

Visit our website and check out photos from other projects to get ideas of what you like, or what won’t work for you. Make a list of your needs and your wants. Find a copy of the as-built plan for your property. This will help us get an idea of what’s going to be involved with the project. If you don’t have one we can create it for you.

Construction Budgets

The pre-construction phase is when preliminary construction budgets should be discussed and set. Without a clear picture of a budget things can get out of hand quickly. You can read more about budgets in our February blog.

Define Responsibilities

Use this time to develop your responsibility matrix. Who is handling what? There’s nothing worse than important tasks getting missed because of overlapping or unclear divisions of responsibility. Pick one person to designate and assign tasks. This is often the architect or the GC.

Project Analysis

During the pre-construction phase the general contractor will start to plan your project timeline. Job meetings are often set up bi-weekly to make sure things are staying on track and progress is being made as planned.

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Navigating the construction process can be overwhelming for anyone. Trust the experts and let us help you complete your construction goals. Questions? Give us a call to discuss!

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