4 Reasons To Hire An Owner’s Rep – Project Manager

Why Hire an Owner’s Rep – Project Manager?

Tools of an owner's rep - project managerRenovations, additions, and new construction projects are typically sizable undertakings that come with a lot of moving parts. There’s budgeting, planning, designing, scheduling, managing – it’s very easy  to quickly become overwhelmed with how many aspects go into a successful renovation (especially when you’re trying to get it done smoothly, on time, and within budget).

What can you do to help ensure that your goal is accomplished in a timely manner, within (or as close to) your initial budget as possible? How can you undoubtedly know what avenues to explore to save the most money without sacrificing quality? How are you possibly going to hire and communicate with all the people necessary to make this happen?

If the idea of taking on a new renovation project seems daunting, then perhaps hiring an owner’s representative or project manager may be something for you to consider.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea:

1.   Cost Estimating/Monitoring

Your representative will help you in the preliminary budgeting stages of your project to set a budget you are comfortable with and can also afford. They will then guide you throughout the course of your construction project to help make sure your budget stays on track. Even if you have an “I don’t care what it costs” attitude, your rep will be there to be the voice of reason and keep the change orders at bay.

2.   Value Engineering

A knowledgeable rep will be able to help cut costs where possible without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the work to be done. They will be able to assist you in substituting certain materials for more economic options and offer more cost-effective selections where available. As noted in our previous tip (above), your rep will be the one who’s consistently mindful of your budget and will do their absolute best to come in as close to it as possible in order to protect your bottom line.

3.   Coordinating Your Construction Team

Owner's Rep - Project Manager Coordinates Construction TeamThere are a host of people involved in any construction project. These individuals or groups can include (but aren’t limited to): architects, engineers, builders, bankers, general contractors, real estate agents, designers, testers, inspectors, and subcontractors. You could run yourself ragged constantly trying to communicate and coordinate between everyone involved in your project, or you can unify your “team” by appointing your rep as their official leader.

Your representative will take charge of assuring that all of the parties to your project know where they have to be, what they have to do, and when. They will also act as the point person for the team members so that you, the owner, are not bombarded with every single question or challenge that will inevitably come up.

4.   Time Management and Owner Advocacy

If general contr Construction Project Owner's Rep Project Manager: Time Managermentacting and project management aren’t your specialty nor livelihood, then you probably have a business to run and/or work to attend to throughout the duration of your renovation. When taking on a renovation project without representation, you will unavoidably be taking time away from some other aspect of your life (whether professional or personal) in order to monitor/tend to your project.

Hiring a representative eliminates the need for you to sacrifice any substantial amount of time and energy from your priorities. You will have an advocate looking out for you and your best interests during the course of your renovation, so that you are free to focus on important matters and not deviate too much from your usual responsibilities. Your owner’s rep/project manager will act as your eyes and ears from the preliminary stages of the project all the way through to completion, and make sure that you are briefed on the status regularly. They will also consult with you on the necessary decisions to be made and ease the stress that can accompany a renovation project.

If you’re feeling that the pressure of your latest renovation endeavor is becoming too great, then hiring a representative to have in your corner may be the perfect choice for you.


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