Help! I Can’t Visualize My Construction Project

So you want to do a renovation project, but you’re having a hard time visualizing the final product. Worry not! In this technology age we’re living in it’s easy to make changes on paper, or rather on screen, before construction starts. Spending a little money up front for these 3D rendering & drawing services will save you a bundle in the long run if you’re undecided about the layout, scope of your project, or even room finishes.

Improve your design and save money

office-renovation-layoutMaybe you have a vague idea of a layout for your kitchen renovation, but you’re not sure if everything will fit, or if the layout will flow nicely from a user perspective. Being able to see your ideas on a floor plan and in real time 3D can help you decide if you’re happy with the idea or if you want to make changes.

Think of it this way – once a new wall is actually built it’s going to be much more expensive to move after the fact than it would be to change it on the rendering first with just a few mouse clicks.  You may think you have room to add an island in your kitchen, but once it’s drawn out with accurate measurements you realize you don’t have enough space. Finding out these things up front are well worth the cost you’ll invest in the drawing design services.

The same applies to any commercial construction projects. This service can be utilized for a new break room, commercial bathroom renovations, or enlarging an office. The possibilities are endless.

Decide which layout you like best

You’ve been dreaming of building a new master bath but have two very different ideas of how it could be laid out. You’re thinking about a soaking tub, but you may want to do a large frameless glass shower instead. No problem! Have your contractor draw it up both ways so you can see it instead of trying to visualize the project while you’re looking at a blank canvas. Making as many decisions as possible up front will help your project move forward smoothly.

3D rendering of a bathroom & closet

Rent out that vacant tenant space

We have run into this scenario on more than one occasion. A client comes to us with a space they have been trying to rent out, but to no avail. Interested tenants walk through the space but it’s not exactly what they want and they can’t visualize what it could be and how it could work for them. A good contractor can give ideas and suggestions for how to get tenants interested based on what the current construction trends are. That same contractor can then mock up your existing space on screen so you can show a tenant that your space can be customized to their needs!

accounting-office-renovationThe investment you’ll make in drawing services will pay for itself over and over when you’re able to rent out your space rather than letting it sit vacant and losing money.

General contractors who offer this type of drawing service are few and far between, so make sure you ask the question up front when determining which contractor is right for your project. One of the benefits of having your contractor be the one to do the drawings is that they’ve essentially already built your project both in their head and on screen. They’ll have all the details needed to accurately price the project, and in turn do the actual construction work.

At Souder Brothers we offer one stop shopping from the drawing/3D rendering stage all the way through to your finished project. Give us a call or contact us to talk about your project. We’d be happy to help!

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