Design-Build Projects – Working Together for Better Results

country club commercial renovation
Souder Brothers worked with the architect and the building owners to construct this new porte cochère and grand entrance at the Warrington Country Club in the dead of winter 2014/2015.

Let’s start with the basics. What is design-build construction project? It could be a residential or a commercial project – the defining characteristic of this project type is that the construction services are contracted by one single entity (the design-builder). Essentially, the contractor is responsible for all parties involved which leaves the business owner or homeowner free of the obligation of coordinating each step of the project and gives them more time to focus on their day to day business.

For a design-build project, the general contractor works very closely with the architect as a team. At Souder Brothers we work with a number of architects on a regular basis so we can be sure we are matching your project type with their expertise. If you are in need of architectural services and would like a recommendation, feel free to give us a call.

Working hand and hand with the architect has many benefits that can add value to the project in addition to making the whole construction process run smoothly.

Single Point of Contact & Responsibility

The general contractor is your point of contact. This eliminates confusion and finger pointing. If something is holding up the project, or you have a question, you call the contractor instead of trying to get in contact multiple subs or the architect.

Improved Project Quality & Project Timeline

The general contractor and architect will work together to produce a complete set of construction documents that will be necessary for both the project itself, and in order to obtain permits. Having the GC and the architect working on the drawings together allows the design to be reviewed by the whole team where different ideas can be contributed and incorporated. This can maximize both the design of the space as well as how it will function.

Working together with the architect and engineer (if needed) helps to keep the project moving. Different stages of the project can overlap and progress continues at a faster rate which is also a money saver.

Overall Cost Savings

office renovation Doylestown PA
3D rendering of the new floor plan for an accounting office renovation in Doylestown, PA.

Generally speaking, a design-build project will save the owner money as compared to sending a project out for bid and starting construction from there. Here at Souder Brothers we also offer our own floor plan drawing services. Our customers utilize this to get a basic idea down on paper before going to the architect for final construction documents which can save them money. This includes 3D renderings so the customer can get a real idea of what their finished project will look like. These drawings are also very helpful for space planning purposes.

If you are considering doing a renovation, addition, or ground-up construction, a design-build approach is worth exploring. As always, we are here to help. Call us at 267-282-5076 for all of your construction needs!

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