Construction Schedules: 4 Tips To Keep Your Project on Track

Crane lifting panels into place at Penn Valley Pump in Warrington
Crane lifting panels into place at Penn Valley Pump in Warrington

If you’ve ever been involved in a residential or commercial construction project you know how essential it is to have a detailed construction schedule. We’ve put together a few tips to help you know what to look for and help you understand why having a schedule is important.

The Importance of a Construction Schedule

1. Ask for a construction schedule before you sign the contract. If this is not possible (and sometimes it won’t be), make sure to at least have approximate start and finish dates written into the contract.

2. Be sure you have the construction schedule and have reviewed it prior to starting construction. Once you have a signed agreement, any contractor should have no problem putting together a schedule for you. Creating the schedule will help the Project Manager learn all the details about the project and helps keep them on schedule. It’s also a great way for you to stay up to speed on how the project is progressing.

3. Have a conversation about any changes/additions to the project up front. In commercial and residential construction there are inevitably changes to any project. Talk to your contractor to find out how the timeline of the overall project will be impacted by changes or additions. This will help make sure a 2 month project doesn’t turn into a 6 month project.

4. Clarify the duration of the project with the contractor. Some schedules go by working days, while others go by calendar days. It’s important to ask the question so you are not expecting a 30 working day project (6 weeks) to be completed in 30 calendar days (4 weeks).

Sample Construction Schedule:

Penn Valley Pump Construction Schedule 8-25-14 1-1

The construction schedule will ultimately be what helps make your project flow smoothly. In addition to helping the contractor stick to the time frame, the Project Manager will also be able to easily see when they need to order materials and coordinate delivery to the site. If you see something on the schedule that doesn’t make sense to you, feel free to ask the construction contractor. It’s best to bring up any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

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