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Commercial Renovations in the ‘New Normal’

We are all adjusting to the ‘new normal’ way of life amid this unprecedented pandemic. It may seem odd to some that construction is booming after the COVID-19 shutdowns. Let us tell you why this is actually the perfect time to begin renovations on your commercial space!

Many companies have temporarily scaled back their on-site personnel. With that said, now is a great time to take advantage of a less occupied space to complete commercial renovations. Renovating while some of your employees work remotely would cut down on day-to-day disruptions during construction as well as having to move people around within your space while construction is completed.

Imagine how excited employees would be to come back to a facility that has been revamped during their time of working remotely. It would help to give them the outlook of a fresh start when they come back to the office. People may still be uneasy about returning to an environment where they are in close proximity to others. Renovating with social distancing and cleanliness in mind can help put your employees’ minds at ease.

Commercial Renovations - Recent Bathroom renovation featuring touch-free features for Manor College
Recent Bathroom renovation featuring touch-free features for Manor College

If you operate a retail business or a customer interfacing business now is also a great time for commercial renovations because you’re not likely to lose any business. Many businesses are operating at reduced hours and renovation work could be completed during closed hours. Maybe you’ve been wanting to renovate for years but couldn’t afford to shut down. Take advantage of this unfortunate situation we’ve all been put in and use it to your benefit!

Not looking to do a full renovation? Simple steps like adding touch-free items to your facility can help. Hands-free toilet fixtures, faucets, and paper towel dispensers can cut down on the spread of germs. Installing hands-free arm or foot latches on restroom doors can also help.

Commercial Renovations - touches foot-operated door pull

At Souder Brothers, we like to look at every ‘problem’ as a challenge and make the best out of whatever situation we’re in. COVID has been a hard time for all of us but we are making the best of it and hope some of our suggestions can help you do the same. Always look for the bright side!

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