Commercial Construction: Is it Better to Build, Remodel or Expand?

A good business is one that can grow and change. You hire new people, develop new skills, and invest in innovative technology.

Sometimes that growth means outgrowing your space. After enough time in business, many companies reach a crossroads: Do they remodel, expand, or build something new?

If you’re considering commercial construction in the greater Philadelphia area, it’s a smart idea to educate yourself on the pros and cons of all three options.

New Construction

Let’s say you started your business in the center of your town with two or three employees. Most of your customers were within walking distance.

That was 10 years ago. Now you have 30 employees, your clients come from all over the place, and you’ve decided it’s time for a new home. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of new construction.

3D Construction Rendering in PA
3D Rendering of Residential New Construction – Doylestown, PA

  • You’re starting fresh. You’ll have a brand new infrastructure and fixtures that can support your company for years, if not decades.
  • When you moved into your first headquarters, you had to make do with what was there. With new construction, you’re free to choose a new location, the size of your building, the layout, etc.
  • New construction lets you rebrand yourself. Moving to a whole new space lets you change other things about your company as well, such as your image, and maybe even your logo and website.
  • Building from scratch can be expensive. You’ll need to cover the cost of construction, materials, planning, design, and the land itself.
  • New construction takes time, potentially longer than remodeling or expanding.
  • You may need to relocate further away than you had planned if local land is too costly, or local zoning too limiting, which could impact your commute.


You’re a thriving business and you like your location, but your team is essentially working on top of each other. It’s time to expand your headquarters. Before you start Googling commercial construction in Philadelphia, you should know the pros and cons of expansion.

7,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing office building – Warrington, PA
7,000 sq. ft. addition to an existing office building – Warrington, PA
  • You’ll spend less than new construction, because you’re building on a much smaller scale and the land is already yours.
  • There’s some disruption involved, although not as much as a big remodeling project.
  • If you need new space to accommodate new technology, expansion allows you to do that without the costs associated with remodeling.
  • Your new space might address your need for updated technology, but what about the old space you’re still using? There’s the potential for your expansion project to lead into a remodel of existing space, which can become costly.
  • It’s less expensive than new construction, but still more expensive than remodeling, due to material costs and time delays.


Does your building look drab or outdated? Does it reflect the company you were when you launched, and not the company you are now, or want to be in the future? If so, you may be considering a remodel. Here are some of the positives and negatives of renovating your space.

Office Fit Out in Bucks County
Remodel of existing office space – Doyelstown, PA
  • Remodeling can help you make better use of your existing space, but rarely gives you additional space.
  • It can be noisy and disruptive to your work environment.
  • If your contractor runs into problems it could lead to delays and overruns, decreasing your productivity and escalating the costs of the project.

Before you choose one of these options, consult with an expert to determine which one best suits the needs of your company.

Souder Brothers Construction is ready to help answer your questions. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been providing expert commercial construction in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs to clients who wanted to remodel, expand, or start fresh. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow.

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