Commercial Construction: Get Answers to Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions

When business owners or managers are faced with heading up a construction project they may feel overwhelmed if it’s a new experience for them. You might be thinking ‘where do I start?’ If you’re in the planning phase of your project you’ve come to the right place.

Where do I start?

Clients come to us at varying stages of the construction process. We recommend starting out by getting a budget price from a reputable contractor so you have a realistic idea of what your vision is going to cost, and whether it makes financial sense (or is even feasible) for you to move forward with your plans. Your initial budget can help you determine if you have the funds to complete additional work or if you need to scale back your project at all. Read more about why a budget is important here.

How can I run my business during a remodel?

It can be done! We work on job sites every day where our commercial construction clients continue to operate throughout construction. You’ll want to make sure that you have a phasing plan in place before construction starts. Your contractor should work with you to make sure that your business can still operate smoothly and that transition days are built into the construction schedule to allow for moving employees or customer areas to different locations as construction progresses. Phasing and construction schedules are a critical part of any construction project that is being completed while the business remains open.

Commercial construction in a large office building

How do I pick the right contractor?

It can be hard to navigate this process. Make sure your contractor of choice has experience completing projects that are similar in scope and size to yours. Check references. See what people say about them online on independent websites where they can’t control what reviews say (Google, Houzz, Facebook, etc). Keep in mind that you are going to be dealing with whoever you choose on a daily basis for the duration of your project which could be a few months up to a year or even more. Make sure you have a good ‘gut-feeling’ about the team you’re going to work with. You don’t need to become best friends with your contractor, but it is important to work with a team that makes you feel comfortable and confident about your project and who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure they deliver results that will exceed your expectations. For more on this topic see our blog: How to Navigate the General Contractor Selection Process

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