Commercial Bathroom Renovations & Upgrades: Why They’re Beneficial

You’ve probably heard that one of the most popular rooms to renovate in homes today is the bathroom, partially due to the high return on investment (roughly 85%).

Did you know that the same is true for commercial properties? If you’re a business owner or landlord contemplating updating, there’s no time like the present!

Commercial Bathroom Renovations
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1. ADA Compliance

This is an important aspect of all businesses today. Chances are, if you’re in an older building where the facilities haven’t been updated, your bathrooms probably do not meet code. When the time comes to renovate for an updated look, better efficiency, or any other various reasons, it’s also the perfect time to make sure your space is ADA compliant. Any general contractor who is experienced in commercial bathroom renovations can point out the criteria you’ll need to meet to ensure compliance.

2. Improved Staff Morale

Employees are always happy when they know their employers care. Having a fresh, updated space they feel comfortable in will help improve morale. It also reflects well on the building owner, and the company in general.

3. Increased Property Value

As mentioned, commercial bathroom renovations are similar to residential renovations when it comes to return on investment. Business owners and property owners don’t need to worry about losing money on a future sale. Commercial bathroom renovations typically yield about 80%

4. Make Your Property Stand Out

If you are in the market to lease or sell your building, having an updated facility is a strong sales point. Prospective tenants and buyers look for properties where minimal work will be required.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations
Commercial Bathroom Renovation – Doylestown, PA

Pro Tips

It’s always a great idea to hire an interior designer when taking on a project of this magnitude. It’s been our experience that the expertise of a designer will make your renovation look that much more impressive and polished. It’s worth the extra money you will spend to have a finished project that looks like you spent a million bucks (even if you didn’t). Having the right colors, tile and accessories can make a huge difference.

Checking references of any potential contractor before working with them is a must. Talk to past clients who have had similar renovations done to make sure the contractor is qualified.

When you’re ready to move forward with your commercial bathroom renovation, contact Souder Brothers Construction to  consult with us about your project.

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  1. We have 71 units at this hotel. We want to renovate them all with new tubs, walls and flooring. What can you do for us?

  2. It’s good to know that even commercial restroom renovations have a good return investment like residential ones. My brother wants to buy a building for the business he is starting up. I’ll talk to him about remodeling the bathrooms so he can sell the place for more later on.

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