5 Ways Environmentally Friendly Products Can Fit Into Your Redesign

Buildings have an impact on the environment throughout their life cycles. They use water, raw materials, and energy, all resources that need to be conserved.  From the construction phase to the occupancy and renovations or even demolitions, buildings generate all kinds of waste and often discharge harmful emissions.

The good news is that there has been a positive global green building trend that indicates a rise in eco-friendly building activity globally. The movement not only benefits the environment but also benefits a business. 

Modern commercial construction is slowly becoming the leader in green building. However, there has been a steady rise in retrofits in existing buildings that offer hope to Mother Nature. If you’ve been wondering how to make your commercial space eco-friendly, the following ideas will go a long way.

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2021 Trends in Construction

As we approach the end of another year, it’s a good time to reflect on trends we have observed with our projects in particular as well as the construction field in general.  The pandemic has certainly affected approaches to building design, from temporary stopgaps to permanent fixtures.  At the same time, some of these evolutions were already taking place, with COVID-19 merely accelerating their implementation.  Here are three significant trends worth noting: 

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Experts Dish the Top Tips to Know Before Renovating Your Kitchen

It’s safe to say that most homeowners dream of renovating their kitchen. Whether it’s redoing the cabinetry, adding a new backsplash, or transforming the entire layout – a new kitchen will not only make the space more pleasant to be in, but it can also add functionality and increase your home’s value.

As exciting as the renovation process might be, it can also feel daunting. That’s why we reached out to remodeling and renovation experts for their best advice to help you get started. Be sure to check out these 12 tips before you begin renovating your kitchen.

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5 Ways to Make Your Office Design More Efficient

A modern office with rows of computers

The fluorescent light that spends all day flickering on and off.

The conference room that’s always too hot, or always too cold.

The desk chair that never seems to be the right height.

Where we work can have a profound effect on how we work. It’s why smart managers take pains to make sure their offices are designed with efficiency in mind.

If you’re looking for a way to make your workspace a better place to work, you might want to consider incorporating a few of these office design ideas the next time you begin an office renovation.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Construction Project Running Smoothly, Start to Finish

We’ve all heard the horror stories about construction projects gone wrong. How do projects get to that point? Is it a lack of planning? Poor choice of contractor? Unrealistic expectations? It can be a combination of all of these things. Let us offer some pro tips on how you can avoid having issues during your commercial or residential construction project.

1. Determine your budget – then add at least 10%

Even with the best planning in place, unforeseen issues in construction always arise. How can you plan for something you don’t know about? Set yourself up with a construction contingency for these items. The construction process is a complex one, but by being prepared at the start of a project you can minimize the impact of unexpected items.

bucks county construction

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Before You Paint Your Space Make Sure to Avoid These 9 Common Mistakes

Are you looking for a way to upgrade a room without renovating? Try some paint. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to make your space feel brand new. Just try to avoid these common painting mistakes.

1. Small Samples

Can you really get a good idea of what a shade will look like on your walls with only an itty-bitty swatch?

Can a tiny swatch paint the picture of what your room will look like? Not really. It’s a better idea to pick a big sample or better yet, a tester can. This can give you a better idea of how the new paint will look.

Check it after it dries, and during different times of day to see how it looks under different lights.

Colour swatches book. Rainbow sample colors catalogue - 9 common painting mistakes2. Not Comparing Finishes

The finish you choose should match the purpose of the room.

You might feel uneasy about using shiny semi-gloss, but it’s more durable than flat or matte. It’s also more moisture-resistant, which makes it perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

But flat and matte finishes still allow for easy touch-ups, so hang onto them for busy places like foyers/entrances, hallways, stairways, and kids’ spaces.

Think about the room’s undertones. Colors can look off kilter with the wrong pairings — a pink undertone with a yellow one, for example — so consider everything else in your space when choosing paint.

This includes counters, cabinets, metals, natural textures such as stone accents, and last but not least, flooring. A mahogany hardwood might look strange when paired with a cool gray paint. Make sure things tie together when you paint.

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Do you Houzz? Residential Remodeling Design Ideas

Houzz.com has taken the residential remodeling industry by storm. Never before has it been so easy to see literally thousands of design ideas in one place. Gone are the days when you had to physically purchase stacks of magazines to cut out photos to show to an architect or interior designer. With this great tool at your fingertips, planning your new space just got a whole lot easier.

For any readers not familiar with Houzz, let us tell you what you’ve been missing out on. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for ideas or a professional who wants to showcase a new project, Houzz has something for everyone. The online community provides a place for architects, interior designers, and contractors alike to post photos of residential construction projects. Homeowners can then browse the photos to get ideas for their own space.

Kitchen Remodel in Philadelphia
Traditional Kitchen Remodel on St. James Street in Philadelphia, PA by Horsham General Contractors Souder Brothers Construction, Inc.

When clients come to us and aren’t sure of what they want to do, we direct them to Houzz.

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