Enhancing Efficiency with Technology in Auto Dealership Renovation

In the competitive world of automotive sales and service, efficiency plays a crucial role in the success of an auto dealership. Souder Brothers Construction, Inc., a leading commercial construction management firm in Pennsylvania, recognizes the significance of streamlining operations during auto dealership renovations. As specialists in car dealership construction and renovation, we help you harness the power of technology to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Collaboration at Its Best: Our Approach to Customer Service for Commercial Building Owners

If you’re a commercial building owner in search of top-notch customer service from your contractors, look no further than Souder Brothers Construction, Inc. We understand that each project is unique, and that’s why our approach emphasizes collaboration and seamless communication. As a leading commercial construction management company in Pennsylvania, we have honed our expertise in office fit-outs, specialty commercial construction projects, car dealership construction services, and more. Let’s explore how we prioritize customer service to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Read on for more about our approach to customer service for commercial building owners! 

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How to Reduce Costs When Working with Construction Professionals

As commercial and residential construction experts in Pennsylvania, we understand what drives the high cost in construction projects. With years of experience under our tool belts, we’ve found the best ways to reduce costs when working with construction professionals-be clear, be helpful, and don’t delay. Here’s how these strategies can help reduce costs when working with construction professionals.

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The Importance of the Design Phase During Pre-Construction

As a project owner or developer, you know how important it is to start your project on the right foot. From the initial planning stages through completion, every aspect of a building’s lifecycle plays a role in its ultimate success. In this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the importance of the design phase during pre-construction and how it impacts your overall building process.

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Why You Should Choose a Local Commercial General Contractor

If you’re looking for the best commercial general contractor (CGC), then you have many options. However, not all CGCs are created equal. Some CGCs are more experienced and skilled than others, and some have built up a reputation as trustworthy professionals who do quality work at reasonable prices. If you want to ensure that your next project goes smoothly and is completed on time with minimal problems afterward, consider hiring a local CGC instead of one that’s farther away from where your business is located. Here are five reasons why:

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Souder Brothers Construction 2020 Year in Review

What a year it has been!  Last year was not the one we were expecting, but it was a year we will remember forever.  Although many industries began, and continue, to struggle, we also got to witness business owners digging deep to find new and creative ways to keep their business afloat under unprecedented circumstances.  From outdoor dining and zoom meetings to renovating offices for employee safety, 2020 was not short on creativity. 

We at Souder Brothers kept busy this year by improving the health and safety of our client’s businesses with general upgrades and renovations for their employees to come back to.  We would like to extend an enormous thank you to all of our clients who trusted us with this crucial task. We feel so fortunate that we are able to help businesses adjust to a new normal and bring their creative ideas to life. 

Two of our highlights from last year were our projects at Manor College and Fred Beans Newtown CARSTAR:

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How to Avoid 3 Common Construction Scheduling Delays

We live in an era that values expediency. Instant gratification is crucial when it comes to how we eat, how we shop, and  — most importantly for our purposes — how we build.
One of the most common questions we get in the early stages of the construction project process is: “How soon can you start?”

The second most common? “What’s the turnaround time/how quickly can this be done?”

Time crunches have become the standard for our industry, with contractors under increasing pressure to get in, renovate or build, and get out.

And we’ve adapted accordingly, prioritizing our clients’ schedules and deadlines. We know that delays can be harmful, as there’s usually not much wiggle room built into a construction schedule.

That’s why it’s crucial to know what causes construction delays and how to avoid them. Here are three of the most common things that derail construction.

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Choosing the Best Contractor for Your Project

This month we have a special guest blogger! Henry ‘Dutch’ Hempel is a Construction Industry consultant, sought after speaker, and educator who has more than 24 years experience in the construction and design industries. His business background includes ownership and management as well as government contracting. We have personal experience working with Dutch and can’t say enough good things about him and his company!

As a Construction Industry consultant, I am often asked by individuals and companies on the ways to choose the best Contractor for their project.

My simple answer is:

“Choose the Contractor who will give you the best value and not just the lowest price.”

So what’s the difference between value and price?

Value of Construction Consultant in PAI think billionaire Warren Buffet explained it best when he said:

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

It’s wise to remember that construction is a service with many interdependent steps, not a commodity that is easily shopped using price as the primary means of choice.

The next question people usually ask is:

“How do I measure the value I will get from my builder?”

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Construction Manager

If you’re about to take on a construction project, chances are it’s not the only thing on your to-do list. When you have a business to run, hiring a construction manager will allow you to focus on your priorities and leave the rest to the pros. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a manager for your commercial construction project in our latest blog.

1. Cost Savings on Your Construction Project

While you will be paying a fee to a construction manager, it will be well worth the investment as it will more than pay for itself in overall project savings. A construction manager will coordinate with subcontractors and make sure any extras on the project and associated fees are billed at a fair price. Too often customers are unknowingly paying higher profit percentages on extras. A construction manager knows to watch out for these things and will be looking out for your best interest throughout the project.

Construction Manager on the McCafferty Ford Project

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Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for Commercial Construction in PA

commercial construction in PA consultantWhen colleagues in the commercial construction business ask us why they should consider adding the services of a professional consultant onto their payroll, we generally tend to explain the decision like this: Imagine having someone on your team whose role is making sure your job’s contract is adhered to down to the very last letter.

Imagine if that same person, who may be an architect or perhaps an engineer, could be brought in before or during the design stage to consult on everything from site selection and project budgeting to environmental studies and space relationships.

That, my friends, is exactly what a commercial construction consultant does. In fact, when considering whether you might want to hire a consultant for your own PA-based commercial construction company, you might want to think of a consultant as a project manager, because that’s exactly what they do: They manage the project, almost regardless of what it entails.

If a commercial construction consultant is used properly–and often, they aren’t–it’s unlikely that any other decision you make during the lifespan of the project will give you a better overall ROI. The benefit of having a consultant on staff is often so great that we very rarely approach a commercial project of any significance without one. We think your Pennsylvania commercial construction firm would be wise to do the same.

Without a Consultant, What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

If you’re in the building business, we don’t have to tell you that even the simplest of construction jobs can result in barely-controlled chaos. Let’s say you work in residential construction, and you’ve landed a contract to put in kitchen counters or bathroom tiling at a new suburban subdivision. Many of us can imagine any number of worst-case scenarios, because we’ve experienced so many of them ourselves.

Maybe your supplier jacks up the price of backsplash tiles at the last minute because of a product shortage in Italy, but the client refuses to pay a rate higher than what  you and he had already agreed on. What’s the result? That’s right: You pay for the difference out of your own pocket, and take a very wet financial bath in the process. To add insult to injury, the client suggests that maybe—just maybe—you were trying to rip him off.

Now imagine a similar situation, but in the decidedly higher-stakes world of commercial construction in PA. When your job budgets are regularly in the five, six, or even seven figures, small mistakes can easily add up to the sort of money that can put you out of business. Contracts need to be absolutely error-free and executed with precision, and that’s why it’s so important to have a consultant on your team of commercial construction in PA professionals.

What Does a Consultant Do During the Design Stage?

Perhaps the most crucial role a commercial construction consultant performs during a project’s design stage involves determining the feasibility of the project. Most, if not all, of us have worked on big commercial projects which, for one reason or another, never should have been green-lit in the first place.

A consultant worth his or her salt will put the brakes on such a project before ground is broken, and the consultant does this while keeping a number of different standpoints in mind. For instance: Does the project make sense financially? Can it be successfully completed from a logistical standpoint? From a technical standpoint? Only after those questions and others can be answered in the affirmative will the consultant begin pulling permits.

The owner, of course, remains at the top of the totem pole in terms of the decisions that are ultimately made. If the consultant submits a design of some sort, for instance, it’ll be up to the owner to approve it. But unlike the consultant, the owner doesn’t need to have any sort of advanced engineering or architectural background–just the smarts to hire someone with the skills he or she happens to lack.

What Else Does an Owner’s Consultant Do?

There’s much more a construction consultant is responsible for, of course, than the few situations and scenarios we’ve pointed out above. The main point we want you to understand is that an owner’s consultant simply makes your construction project’s entire process, from start to finish, a simpler and smoother experience.

Click to learn about the commercial construction consulting services we offer here at Souder Brothers. We are, after all, general contractors ourselves, and that means we know the business better than almost anyone. Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team if you’d like to learn more about what we can offer to you and your project. We think you’ll like the skills we have to offer, not to mention the time and money they will inevitably save you and your team.