3 Tips to Keep Your Construction Project Running Smoothly, Start to Finish

We’ve all heard the horror stories about construction projects gone wrong. How do projects get to that point? Is it a lack of planning? Poor choice of contractor? Unrealistic expectations? It can be a combination of all of these things. Let us offer some pro tips on how you can avoid having issues during your commercial or residential construction project.

1. Determine your budget – then add at least 10%

Even with the best planning in place, unforeseen issues in construction always arise. How can you plan for something you don’t know about? Set yourself up with a construction contingency for these items. The construction process is a complex one, but by being prepared at the start of a project you can minimize the impact of unexpected items.

bucks county construction

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Owner’s Pre-Construction Project Checklist

Construction Project ManagementAre you thinking about remodeling or expanding your business, but unsure of where to start? We’ve put together a list of helpful tips for your pre-construction project checklist. These items are important to ensure a smooth construction process!

1. Which improvements will help your business?

Start thinking about what you need to help your business function better. Make a list of must-haves and a list of things you’d like to have if the budget allows. Do some research online about new office trends you may not even know about.

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Commercial Construction: Is it Better to Build, Remodel or Expand?

A good business is one that can grow and change. You hire new people, develop new skills, and invest in innovative technology.

Sometimes that growth means outgrowing your space. After enough time in business, many companies reach a crossroads: Do they remodel, expand, or build something new?

If you’re considering commercial construction in the greater Philadelphia area, it’s a smart idea to educate yourself on the pros and cons of all three options.

New Construction

Let’s say you started your business in the center of your town with two or three employees. Most of your customers were within walking distance.

That was 10 years ago. Now you have 30 employees, your clients come from all over the place, and you’ve decided it’s time for a new home. Here are some benefits and disadvantages of new construction.

3D Construction Rendering in PA
3D Rendering of Residential New Construction – Doylestown, PA

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Curb Appeal: How Do I Know If My Business Is Due for a Commercial Fit-Out?

commercial fit out in PAHere’s the question: How exactly are you supposed to know when the time is right to begin a major renovation of your commercial property like a commercial fit-out. For that matter, when is a good time to start even a partial fit-out, such as an upgrade to your entranceway and lobby? Or perhaps the installation of new windows? Or even a project as seemingly simple as a brick-repointing job or a new door?

As for the answer … well, if you own a commercial building but don’t happen to work in the commercial real estate or development trade yourself, the truth is that questions about the timing of a renovation aren’t always easy to answer. Because no matter how successful or debt-free your company is, the fact remains that spending superfluously is almost always a bad idea.

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Design-Build Projects – Working Together for Better Results

country club commercial renovation
Souder Brothers worked with the architect and the building owners to construct this new porte cochère and grand entrance at the Warrington Country Club in the dead of winter 2014/2015.

Let’s start with the basics. What is design-build construction project? It could be a residential or a commercial project – the defining characteristic of this project type is that the construction services are contracted by one single entity (the design-builder). Essentially, the contractor is responsible for all parties involved which leaves the business owner or homeowner free of the obligation of coordinating each step of the project and gives them more time to focus on their day to day business.

For a design-build project, the general contractor works very closely with the architect as a team. At Souder Brothers we work with a number of architects on a regular basis so we can be sure we are matching your project type with their expertise. If you are in need of architectural services and would like a recommendation, feel free to give us a call.

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A Checklist for Commercial Building Additions in Bucks County

commercial building additions in bucks county
Truck shop addition in Doylestown.

Sometimes growing your business means moving to another location. But it can also mean adding on to your existing building.

If you’re thinking about completing commercial building additions in Bucks County, you need to be sure you’ve covered all your bases. That’s why we’ve put together this commercial building addition checklist.

Every community has different rules, but when putting together a commercial building addition checklist, it’s better to have too much information than not enough.

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