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5 Ways Photographs Can Benefit Your Commercial Construction Project

Documentation is an essential part of a successful commercial construction project. Although written notes may come to mind when it comes to documentation, they have several limitations. They’re time-consuming to produce, and there’s no guarantee that they’re accurate. They may also be unclear. Fortunately, photography can provide many specific benefits that written notes lack.

The following are a few of the ways that photographic documentation is important during a commercial construction project:

It provides timely and accurate job site updates.

You can’t always be onsite, but photographs allow you to see accurate progress as it’s happening. They also let you provide a visual record to your customers, who may not always understand construction terms but can more easily determine specifics of a photograph. Photos will let them see exact progress in specific areas and keep them accurately informed about the overall progress on the job site.

You’ll be able to increase job site safety.

Photographs can capture unsafe work conditions or worker habits that can lead to injuries. If you spot any hazards or risks, you can have them corrected quickly. And photographs can also show you how your crews are working, giving insight into whether they need any additional equipment, instruction, or training.

You’ll have additional protection from litigation.

Photographs provide accurate documentation that can help settle disputes that could lead to litigation. Time-stamped photos can prove, for example, how particular areas of the project look and when they were completed. They can help prove that the work was completed as it should be and within the timeframe specified. It can also help you with litigation from workers on job site. If a worker alleges unsafe working conditions, photography can help prove that specific safety measures were used, including the availability of safety equipment that’s easily accessible and in good condition, directional signage, and notifications about PPE and COVID. 

Photos provide a visual historical record of building specifics.

If you make changes or repairs to the project after it’s completed, photographs can provide valuable information inside the building at various stages. You’ll be able to see the locations of studs as well as details about utilities and pipes that are located behind walls. This type of knowledge can make changes or repairs easier, faster, and less expensive. For an example, check out our before and after photos from our renovation of the Warrington Country Club entrance.

You can use photographs to market your company.

From prospective clients to curious members of the community, construction of a new building attracts attention and makes people wonder exactly what’s going on. Use that interest to call attention to your company by posting progress photos and video tours as well as views of the final project. This can attract future clients and let you successfully gain recognition within the community.  Once you’ve accumulated photographs from several completed projects, consider adding them to your website as a gallery or online portfolio.

Final thoughts

When it comes to documenting your commercial construction projects, a picture really is worth a thousand words. There are plenty of options for how to approach your project’s photography, from hiring a professional to take high-resolution images to using the camera functionality of your phone. Capturing the stages of your progress can be useful both during construction and after its completion. The marketing potential of your photos is practically limitless, from inclusion in print materials to providing visual interest to blog posts. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your camera and start snapping!

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