5 Things Your Contractor Wants You to Know

When you’re working on a residential or commercial remodel project, there are a few things we as contractors find it helpful if our customers are aware of. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the construction process, what you will be responsible for as the owner, and what you should expect from your contractor.

1. Your budget is just that: a budget.

Budgets are a great idea, and important to have. However, keep in mind that a budget needs to be flexible. You may have a number in mind that you aren’t willing to go over but it’s important to realize that some items may be more expensive than you anticipated, while others might be less. Inevitably, even with the best planning in place, unexpected issues often arise. Be realistic about actual construction costs, and build yourself a 10-15% cushion for any surprises that may arise.

2. Construction schedules are variable.

A construction schedule should be on your must have checklist when hiring a contractor. It’s important for all parties – so your contractor has a timeline and an end date goal, and for you to keep your contractor accountable and be able to plan accordingly. With that being said, any remodel or new construction project is a multi-layer process. There are many steps that go into a successful project and sometimes adjustments to the schedule need to be made. If you’re into HGTV remodel shows, remember that a real remodel job takes more time than they show on the big screen.

3. Pick your finishes early.

This step can be done one of two ways. You can make selections on your own if you feel confident that you have a keen eye for matching colors, patterns, and finishes, or you can hire a professional. If these decisions are left until the last minute it could delay the project with production lead times. Read our blog about why you should consider hiring a designer here: https://www.souderbrothersconstruction.com/blog/should-i-hire-an-interior-designer-for-my-construction-project/

4. Don’t hover.

Would you want someone watching your every move while you’re trying to do your job? Sure, check in with your team on a daily basis to monitor progress, ask important questions, or even just say a quick hello, but leave them to do what they were hired to do. You’ve already made the decision to hire your contractor, so trust your judgement and let them work. If you’re always around chatting and observing, the crew will slow down and your schedule will likely not be met.

5. Doing part of the work yourself probably won’t save you money.

Sometimes our customers who have DIY experience are under the impression that they can save a bundle by helping with the project, whether that means performing some of the labor or supplying materials. In most cases customer involvement in the construction scope will cause schedule delays and potentially a myriad of other issues. Allowing the customer to order materials can also cause delays if they are not diligent on expediting material to get it on time, or if they unknowingly order the wrong parts. When it comes to construction, it’s best to put your trust in the team you hire and let them do what you’re paying them to do.

At Souder Brothers we take a team approach to every project and work hand in hand with the owner, architect, and designer. It’s our goal to deliver the best end result possible while making the whole construction process streamlined and hassle free for our customers. Call us today to see how we can help make your construction dreams a reality.

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