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3 Questions to Ask During the Pre-Construction Phase on Commercial Projects

Often times commercial renovation projects can be much more complex than new construction. With so many variables it’s important to ask the right questions and put a solid plan together from the very beginning of the construction process. We’ve covered some helpful ideas in another pre-construction on commercial projects blog, and we are here today to offer you a few more helpful tips.

What do you want customers to feel when they come to your space?

Your answer to this question can determine a lot about the design aesthetic of your space. In most cases, this will be dictated by what type of business you’re renovating. For instance – if you’re renovating a Mercedes service center, you’ll likely want to give your customers a luxurious waiting area where they feel welcomed and can relax while they wait for their vehicle to be serviced. You might want to incorporate a TV area, a coffee bar, and charging stations for phones or laptops. If your business is a Jiffy Lube and it’s in your best interest to get customers in and out then a lot of these amenities are probably not necessary.

Pre-Construction on Commercial Projects
Volvo Dealership re-designed by Souder Brothers Construction

Regardless of the design you’re after, when these items are planned ahead of time during pre-construction, it cuts down on design changes and extra project costs.

Who is going to be my construction team?

Too many times in large construction companies a project gets passed off to different staff members at different stages. You may have a really great relationship with the person (sales team or estimator) who does the initial site visit, and wind up getting passed off to a project manager or supervisor you’ve never met before when the project starts. At Souder Brothers, you’ll meet many great members of our team, but rest assured the initial person you meet with will be with you throughout the duration of your project.

What issues are likely to arise?

It’s impossible to predict specific issues, but be aware that unforeseen challenges are going to come up throughout construction. It would be wise to ask your contractor what might come up based on their professional experience working on similar type projects. You should also consider asking how they handle challenges that pop up. Getting nickel and dimed on change orders is something nobody wants, so it’s important to have that conversation before you sign any contract.

Pre-Construction on Commercial Projects
Highschool Bathroom re-designd by Souder Brothers Construction

Proper planning is crucial to the success of a construction project. By asking all the right questions from the get-go you’ll help minimize surprises and extra costs or project delays along the way. We’re here to help you plan and execute your project in the most effective and efficient way possible to make sure your project runs seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about pre-construction on commercial projects!

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