New Auto Dealership Design Innovation

The way people are shopping and buying has dramatically changed from days of the past. Industry innovation and new business practices are bringing new life into car sales and service centers. Customers want to take their business somewhere with a professional and comfortable atmosphere where they can put their trust. We’re bringing you some interesting information on the emerging ideas in the auto sales and service industry.

Open Concept Floor Plan

Opening up the floor plan of your auto dealership can bring new life into your space and improve the mindset of both employees and customers. Knocking down walls and eliminating barriers from the staff will create a transparency between your business and your customers. Gone are the days of private cubicles and secluded offices. It is becoming more and more popular to increase sightlines and make your space feel as big as possible. This allows for smoother sales processes and a more enjoyable purchasing cycle for all parties. This can also create more space in the showroom to showcase your newest vehicles.

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