Tom Souder Owner/Field Supervisor

Tom Souder

"Whatever it takes" is the motto that co-founder of Souder Brothers Construction, Tom Souder, lives by in both his professional and personal life. Tom has almost 40 years of experience in the carpentry field which includes management, ownership, and most importantly - quality craftsmanship. He takes pride in his services and customer relationship building skills. In order to provide quality and excellence, Tom stays current in his professional education and leadership skills as a life long learner. He is OSHA certified and a Master Graduate of Rapport Leadership International. In addition, he takes part in continuing educational opportunities so he can better serve his customers and continue to provide the excellence that Souder Brothers strives to maintain.

Tom is a strong believer in his team and takes pride in being the team leader on job sites. He believes in the talents that each one of his employees have as individuals and as a collaborative team. Tom takes the company motto seriously and champions his team to do the same everyday.

Tom was born and raised in the Hatboro-Horsham area and enjoys remaining part of the same community as a small business owner. He enjoys his work and is happy to have the opportunity to serve the Hatboro-Horsham area in addition to branching out into the surrounding communities.

While his work is one of his greatest passions, Tom also enjoys taking time to relax at the beach with his family to help keep his work/life balance on track.

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